ai automation: auto-enrolment

Care-free pension processing and management.

3-year auto re-enrolment. Unlimited schemes.

We are integrated with leading pension providers to automatically assess and enroll workers on a pension scheme, process contributions (employee and company), and even automatically receive opt-outs from the pension provider and adjust accordingly.

✅ Pensions uploaded via API
✅ Pensions are auto-enrolled
✅ Postpone (defer) each starter
✅ Pension contributions applied
✅ Pension opt-outs applied
✅ Pension refunds applied
✅ Sends TPR pension letters

List of pension provider integrations
NEST Pensions
The Peoples Pension
Scottish Widows
NOW Pensions
Standard Life
Options Pensions
Teachers Pensions
Royal London


Every employee is unique so are their pensions. The ai within paiyroll® uses information from employee contracts, pension schemes, company preferences, employee details and HMRC to automatically process pension contributions that are unique to each employee. Every element of auto-enrolment is automated, so there is no need for manual data entries or calculations.

✅ NPA, Salary sacrifice, and RAS
✅ Stopping age: State Pension Age (or other)
✅ PRP alignment (tax or calendar)
✅ Postponement options
✅ Company contributions
✅ Matching
✅ Multipliers
✅ Banded/Unbanded
✅ On-leave basis
✅ 3-year auto re-enrolment

Pensions are managed completely automatically:


paiyroll® ‘talks’ to major UK pension providers to gather auto-enrolment information and op-outs. Then apply them automatically to relevant workers without you even asking.


paiyroll® can determine which Type to use based on employee contracts, from NPA and Salary sacrifice which are taken from gross pay; and RAS which is taken from net pay.

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NPA: Net pay arrangement
RAS: Relief at source

Age Stop

Using the birthday submitted in the employee details, paiyroll® can determine the age to stop pension contributions including State Pension Age, which changes dynamically for each person.

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State Pension Age depends on the worker’s date of birth, and when changes to state pension were made. Normally this is calculated manually but paiyroll® does it for you automatically.

Pay After Leaving

paiyroll® can determine the Pay After Leaving based on the employee’s contract, and then paiyroll® automatically manages the payment.

PRP Alignment

paiyroll® uses company preference to automatically adjust contributions for tax periods or calendar periods.


paiyroll® uses company preference and employee’s contract to automatically adjust postponements.

Company Contribution

paiyroll® uses company preferences on contributions to automatically adjust pension amounts in each pay period.


paiyroll® uses company preferences on matching to automatically adjust pension amounts in each pay period.


paiyroll® uses company preferences on uplifting contributions to specific employees, then automatically adjusts pension contributions for the relevant employee.

Banded/ Unbanded

Based on employee contracts, paiyroll® can determine whether pension contributions should be banded or unbanded and then automatically adjust pension contributions accordingly.

On Leave Pay Basis

Based on an employee’s contract, approved absences, and legal requirements, paiyroll® automatically calculates and manages On Leave Pay. It also automatically factors in other statutory pay allowances and company preferences, as needed.

3-Year Auto Re-Enrolment

Once auto-enrolment is set up, you never have to worry again as paiyroll® automatically does the necessary checks and auto-enrols for you after 3-years.