Holiday Pay Companion

*incl. overtime/commission variable hours, zero-hour & salaried fixed hours using your existing employee data.

How Does It Work?


Ready to use with the following payroll software:

12PayIris EarnieQtac payroll
Accentra Primo PayrollIris Star (Payroll Professional)Quickbooks
BrightpayMoneysoft Payroll ManagerSage 50 CSV
FPS XMLOxford Software TempaidSage FPS
Keypay/ Employment HeroOpera 3Staffology
HMRC Basic PAYE ToolsPaycircleXero

Contact us if your software is not listed as new integrations are continually being developed


Upload existing employees from a spreadsheet or FPS, from your existing payroll. You then upload any new employees on an ongoing basis in the same way. End dates are bulk uploaded at the same time. Because we read each payroll supplier’s software file format, there are no files to edit and the whole process takes minutes!

Scheme setup

We support an unlimited number of holiday schemes, and the system comes with 3 standard schemes ready to go:

  1. Zero-hour workers (no fixed hours)
  2. Variable (commission, overtime etc.)
  3. Salaried (fixed hours)

Each scheme can be tailored to meet any specific requirements (carry over, buy, sell and many more settings). For example, you could allow workers to book 2 more days than their entitlement or leave at zero.

All you need to do is assign each worker to a scheme and adjust any holiday entitlements (we generally set 28 days). If you need salary pro-rata, just enter the employee’s annual salary. If you have a few, do this manually; for a large number, upload by spreadsheet.

You only need to set up schemes, entitlements and salaries once.


Simply upload each week’s pay from a spreadsheet in seconds. Use full pay for zero-hour scheme workers and just variable pay for variable scheme employees.

If you are running a 2-weekly, 4-weekly or monthly payroll, then you can upload once per pay run or upload every week. If you make a mistake, simply re-upload a revised spreadsheet with no limit to the number of times you can upload pay information.

Once pay is uploaded, you can check that everything looks correct. Here is an example spreadsheet, but we can load any format you are using. Takes seconds.

Holiday Bookings

You enter ongoing holiday bookings one of 2 ways:

  1. Employees book holidays by self-service on the app and managers approve the holidays (recommended for zero-touch by the payroll team)
  2. Upload holidays from a spreadsheet – we support any column names and data in any format from a file containing:
Works idID of the worker
Worker nameName of the worker – Only used for errors (optional)
Start dateStart day of holiday
End dateEnd day of holiday
Start half-day lateStart in the afternoon (optional)
End half-day earlyEnd in the morning (optional)
DaysWe calculate (optional)
CommentSubmitter comment (optional)
RemarkApprover remark (optional)
DeletedOnly to delete a previously uploaded holiday (optional)

Holiday pay calculations

Automated holiday pay values are continuously calculated and available immediately for entry into your existing payroll from Excel. Copy/ paste if you have a few or download a file if you have a large number. Salary starter or leaver holiday pay and salary pro-rata are also available for salary schemes.

The system calculates daily holiday pay and also provides the weekly average so, for example, you could include this as a payslip message:

If you make any errors at any point, these can be corrected. You can repeat any of the above steps as often as you need. For example, you can delete booked holidays, enter new holidays manually, change schemes or entitlement, and even re-upload holiday history if required.


Holiday pay XLSX reports (data table and accrual) are available at any point to show the data and calculations, so you can be assured you have a complete audit trail.


We don’t only provide great software! We also provide 5-star support. Having been developing holiday pay software for the last 4 years, we know a thing or two about what is required so we offer a full set-up service and support to make sure you’re always compliant.


15p per payslip

  • 15p for each payslip that you use us for holiday pay calculation
  • Minimum £30 pcm
  • Pay monthly and no annual contract
  • £90 one-off setup/training/configuration fee (optional but recommended!)
  • All prices ex VAT

Branded App

Included is the mobile app for self-service booking and approval. This can be branded for any company or bureau.


Our guarantee means you don’t pay anything until you are 100% ready to use our system


Our unique automation means full compliance with zero to minimal effort.