Automated payroll features

Instant payroll is brought to you by paiyroll®

Over 80 common payroll functions are completely automated by paiyroll®, so payroll can be done in as little as zero-minutes.

✓ New starter data imported
✓ All pay items
✓ Bank information prompt
✓ New starter forms sent
✓ Starter salary pro-rated
✓ Pay IDs generated and managed

✓ Leaver salary pro-rated
✓ Leaving dates imported
✓ P45s generated

✓ Bonus
✓ Commission
✓ Pay increments and back pay calculated
✓ Any other salary changes

✓ Shift, timesheet & piece rates imported
✓ Time worked approval requested & pay calculated
✓ Holiday approval requested & pay calculated
✓ Statutory/occupational sickness approval requested & pay calculated
✓ Statutory/occupational maternity/paternity approval requested & pay calculated
✓ Other occupational schemes’ approval requested & pay calculated

✓ Future data changes managed
✓ Tax codes managed & calculated
✓ Student loans are managed & calculated
✓ National Minimum Wage managed & calculated
✓ National Insurance calculated based on employee details

✓ Bank payment complete via API submission
✓ Payslips, P45 and P60s generated
✓ Journals posted (after pay run)
✓ Reports generated by managers via self-serve
✓ Analytics & analysis available before pay run

✓ Employee changes incl. personal details collected & managed
✓ Attachment orders managed and calculated

✓ Final submission generated
✓ End-of-year P9X is completed
✓ New year statutory thresholds applied
✓ YTD values reset
✓ Employment allowance maintained
✓ Upgrades, back-ups and archives managed

✓ Pensions uploaded via API
✓ Pensions are auto-enrolled
✓ Pension opt-outs applied (via pension provider)
✓ Pension refunds applied

Employees manage payroll using paiyroll® self-service app

✓ Download payslips, P45s, P60s
✓ View live payslips before pay day
✓ Manage employee details
✓ Submit timesheets and holiday requests
✓ Correct timesheet errors via app
✓ Request pay-on-demand (optional)
✓ In-app query service for support