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A Seamless
Transition to
Payroll Efficiency

The President Estate Farming Partnership

Gill Caine, the Accounts and Payroll Manager at The President Estate Farming Partnership oversees payroll for 80 employees across three companies on a vast Northumberland estate. Transitioning to paiyroll® in April 2023 significantly streamlined her payroll processes, resolved holiday pay calculations, and eliminated manual data entry, providing her with a more efficient solution.

Quick, Reliable
Payroll For a
Growing Business

One Way or Another
(Staffing Agency)

Keeley, Director of One Way or Another (OWOA), a diversity-focused recruitment agency, faced the challenge of managing their fast-growing team of over 70 weekly-paid staff. In August 2022, they transitioned from a limited free payroll software to paiyroll®, an agile cloud-based solution that could adapt to their evolving needs with speed, precision and reliability.

Payroll Automation Saves 66% Time in Payroll Processing

CYO Seeds Ltd

CYO Seeds Ltd, a pioneer in seed cleaning since 1975, revolutionised the industry with Mobile Seed Processors (MSPs). They design and sell MSPs globally, offering design consultancy in multiple countries. To enhance efficiency, CYO adopted paiyroll® for automated payroll, resulting in a remarkable 66% reduction in payroll processing time compared to their previous system.

Payroll Done Online, Anywhere, and in
75% Less Time

HR customer

A leading workforce solutions provider sought to launch a digital staffing service connecting jobseekers and gig economy businesses. To ensure swift and efficient payroll processing, they integrated paiyroll® for payroll automation in under a month, enabling rapid shift data loading. This innovation reduced their overall payroll operating time by an impressive 75% compared to traditional methods.

Bring Payroll In-house, Even With No Payroll Experience

Personnel Link
(Staffing Agency)

Learn how Jack Short, Managing Director at Personnel Link Employment Group, simplified payroll with paiyroll®. With no prior payroll experience, Jack found manual processing error-prone and time-consuming. Now, with paiyroll®, he automates weekly shift-based payroll for 100 workers in under an hour since Sep 2023, saving time and reducing errors, even for beginners.

Payroll Efficiency With Automation

Ignite Nursing
(Staffing Agency)

To manage weekly and monthly payrolls for 50+ shift workers, Ignite Nursing used old desktop payroll software requiring 2 payroll operators. After switching to paiyroll®, the entire payroll process was automated, saving 1 full-time administrator. Using continuous calculation, workers and administrators can view live payslips instantly before payday.