We make connections

paiyroll® integrates with many third-parties to bring you instant payroll.

Imagine all your data automatically transferred into payroll at the touch of a button.

That’s what integration with paiyroll® achieves.

Finally, Eclipse Software can now drive paiyroll®.

✅ Any payroll data can be uploaded from spreadsheets
✅ Built-in processor to auto-modify dataset format
✅ Data is validated before being uploaded
✅ Starters can have pay items automatically added from template employees
✅ Leavers merely require a level date upload
✅ Companies, departments, and reports can be uploaded
✅ Synchronises salary, benefits and non-salary compensation data
✅ Synchronises holiday data
✅ Supports multiple companies

Upload shifts

Upload any format shift file from your Time and Attendance (T/A) system.

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Employees can have any number of shifts with unlimited pay rates and shift descriptions. Once uploaded, live pay is visible on the employee app.

Add new employees

Load new employees with all tax, address and any details. Automatically send welcome emails.

Template employees

Set up template employees which automatically adds standard pay items when adding new employees.


Automatically update all employee fields. This includes leaver dates.


We use 3 forms of spreadsheet uploads: direct, data-feed and bulk employee edits. No matter what format.


Automatically checks every data field before adding it, flagging errors early to provide maximum time for corrections, such as mistyped bank details or incorrect NI numbers.


Use our programmable processor to auto-modify any spreadsheet column e.g. date format, combine multiple columns, remove characters from columns etc.

Missing fields

If your spreadsheet includes missing fields, these can be hard-coded in the uploaders. These fields can be modified in paiyroll® and not overwritten on subsequent uploads.


Load new salaries directly from a multi-sheet salary planning tool, or export from HR software. Changes can be mid-period or backdated and this is automatically calculated.

Non-salary compensation

Upload any non-salary pay items.

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e.g. Bonus, Commission, Accommodation, Car Allowance, Cycle to work, Health cash plan, Holiday Buy/Sell, Lift Assurance Flex, and Allowances.


Synchronise an unlimited number of non-cash benefits items.

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Multiple pension schemes with differing % contribution and Salary Exchange, Net Pay Arrangement and Relief at Source types are supported. Other examples are health plans, life assurance, child-benefit, vouchers etc.

Holiday booking

New, changed and deleted holidays can also be transferred into paiyroll®.


Upload spreadsheets as often as required during the payroll cycle. Payroll changes are completed in minutes.


Direct uploaders support multiple companies (multiple PAYE references) in paiyroll® in one file.


Any data type in paiyroll® can be uploaded for rapid configurations e.g. Companies, Departments, Schedules, Defintions, Reports and Workflows.


Reports can be uploaded.