Bureau payroll automation

Bureau online payroll automation service

Automated online payroll in the cloud

Fully featured payroll means unlimited companies, employees, departments, pay types, schemes, reports and users

Clients enter starters, leavers and changes online

Feedback to client employees immediately

Every client employee gets access to the app

Payroll API to HMRC, Pension, HR, Finance, ERP, T&A systems and banks

Live payroll on every worker’s mobile from day 1 means zero errors, no stress and real-time analytics

Self-service means never having to create or distribute reports and payslips

Multi-user means data entry by any client manager, admin and worker

Custom payslips

Bureau or client approves payroll

Reduce bureau time by 75%, 2x your margin

Bureau online payroll automation service
online payroll automation administrator
Admin view

One-click pay run approval

Approve payroll button

Approve a pay run with one touch

Every report, payslip, P60 and P45 is then available via self-service

HMRC and pension updates via API or file

Backend system integrations (Finance, ERP, HR)

Advanced BPMN workflow with error-recovery

Never generate or distribute anything again, ever

Fully compliant Automatic Enrolment

Automatically assess and enrol workers every pay run

Automatically e-mail pension letters

Full control of each item of pay for Qualifying earnings

Industry-leading implementation of both Tax and Calendar PRPs to ensure compliance

Postponement of duties for starters, eligible jobholders and duties start

Unlimited schemes

API integration or file-based reports