Lowest Cost

From £1.50 per payslip

The absence of manual entry and operation enables significant cost reduction.

Payroll outsourcing is a commodity – so why pay a fortune when you can get the same service for much less? paiyroll®  captures your data onto our online platform, RPA can run the payroll and you approve the final pay run.

For some customers, this is the most important feature of paiyroll®.

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Tested & recognised by HMRC

In-house payroll automation

Fully featured cloud (SaaS) online payroll automation reduces time by 75%

  • Unlimited companies, departments, pay types, schemes, reports and real-time analytics
  • Multi-user means data entry by every manager or worker and any number of admins
  • Automated switching service
  • Access from any web browser on any device. No software to install, update or backup.

Live payslip on every worker’s mobile from day 1 means zero errors

Self-service means never having to create or distribute reports and payslips

Pay-on-demand attracts and retains twice the talent

Stress-free online payroll automation service

  • Trade month-end stress for live payroll updates with every edit. Live payroll = zero errors
  • Because it’s visible to all, this means no chance of missing payday

Mobile access

  • Workers access paiyroll® to check pay and enter timesheets or absences
  • HR, Finance or Operations upload items such as bonus or commission worksheets
  • All changes appear instantly giving every worker and manager a ‘live’ 24×7 view of payroll
  • There is nothing stopping you from achieving 100% payroll accuracy by payday while reducing employee questions