Online payroll service

Online payroll services with paiyroll®

Our software runs in the cloud, and delivers pay to everyone in your organisation via a web browser. You pay a low monthly fee to access the service. Whilst employees and managers are likely to access the system from their smart phones, we recognise that HR and finance users may prefer the convenience of a larger tablet or desktop browser.

paiyroll® is a SaaS payroll platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that runs payroll. The system will prompt you for any input required using E-mail and SMS. You simply enter new starters, leavers, and salary changes onto the platform. Workers can submit online time-sheets which are then approved by managers. Workers are also able to select their payrolled benefits.

paiyroll® runs payroll in real-time, and as often as needed. Once you are happy with the final pay-run, you approve it, then download your BACS file.

We think the best way to ensure you hit month-end payroll on the 28th is to start it on the 1st. paiyroll® ensures every payroll is ready from the 1st  day of your pay cycle. Everyone can check payroll from their mobile or desktop 24×7.

Access from day one, allows everyone to verify and correct errors in real-time to deliver 100% accuracy.  paiyroll® is a pay and benefits platform that gives you complete control over your payroll process.

We are Tested & recognised by HMRC.