Worker payroll

Let your workers run payroll

The way workers are rewarded is changing

  • Ballooning worker debt 760,000 people took payday loans last year because they couldn’t wait for their pay.
  • Millennials will represent an astounding 50% of workers by 2020 Flexible workplace benefits as well as hours, location etc. all need to be accessible from a mobile in the same way as booking a taxi, paying a bill or purchasing online.
  • Mobile, mobile, mobile Everything needs to be controlled from the palm of your hand: Every element of pay including benefits, time-sheets, holidays, sickness need to be accessible as early as possible.
  • Up to 50% of workers are expected to turn freelance by 2020 The workplace is being redefined and the nature of the enterprise is changing. Workers will no longer have a fixed contract or salary – expect to pay them by the day, the week or project. UK employers will have to operate PAYE by 2020 for all personal services company contractors.
  • Gig economy companies are unable to pay workers daily They are stuck with 2-weekly or monthly cycles.

What problems does this mean for you?

  1. Replacing staff costs British businesses £4bn each year with the cost per worker exceeding £30k. Attrition rates average 20% as people switch jobs every 5-years
  1. Traditional outsourced back office pay and associated benefit platform costs approach  £100 per employee pa
  2. Employees are often frustrated with payroll mistakes
Anyone responsible for pay, talent acquisition & retention will need to be aware of these and have an expense reduction plan

Educate your workers and decrease staff attrition

Workers accessing their pay, several times a month, become more engaged and financially aware, which leads to reduced attrition and a competitive edge in the war for talent. Given it costs on average £30k to replace a worker every 5-years, each percentage point improvement represents a significant saving.

We transform an administrative process into a revolutionary benefit for every worker

Payroll for everyone

Finally, a pay app designed to engage everyone in the enterprise

Used directly by employees, managers, operations, HR and finance

E.g. HR upload salary changes, Finance upload commissions

Integrated with HR, Finance and ERP systems

cloud payroll
cloud payroll