We know you are busy managing multiple clients so it can seem difficult to keep up with competing payroll deadlines. But with paiyroll® it couldn’t be easier, and you could save time and money.

With paiyroll® your data is safe in the cloud. Upload new starters from any format file. Never apply another P6, P9 or Student tax code notice ever again. Automate Director payrolls, holiday pay, salary pro rata and more. When you have finished a client payroll, generate an Excel template for the client to complete and upload for 1-click payroll.

Director Payroll is a Breeze

Auto-generated templates and reports too.

If you have multiple director clients you will know that it can take hours to complete payroll for them all. But what if we told you all of your director-only payroll can be done instantly? From generating tax codes to sending FPS/EPS straight to HMRC, we got you covered.

We also automatically generate client templates – simply download and share with your client, and then upload to the system for instant payroll. We even prepare and distribute the reports directly to your clients!

Turn Your Spreadsheet into Payroll, Instantly

Unlimited pay rates, data fields, and uploads, for complete control of payroll.

Upload your worker file and employee shift data into paiyroll® in any spreadsheet format and we’ll convert it into Live Payslips instantly. No more wasting time manually formatting your spreadsheets to upload your data. You will thank us later!

Review and make changes to your data and re-upload your spreadsheet as many times as you need before pay day.

Upload Any Data For Fully Customisable Payslips

Show as much detail as you want.

With unlimited number of pay rates and data fields (employee details) payslips are also fully customisable. Simply upload a spreadsheet with as many different pay elements at once, and it will be visible on live payslips at the touch of a button.

Automated data transfer

Integrates with any HR or Time & Attendance System using API.

Yes, that’s right, it doesn’t matter what HR or Time and Attendance system you or your client are using, you can integrate directly with paiyroll® with Application Programming Interface (API).

That means no more spreadsheets as all employee data or pay elements are automatically collected, loaded and converted into payroll at the touch of a button. This will save you hours!

Features we think you will love!
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Book Holiday

Automated Holiday Pay

Holiday pay is now quick and compliant.

Are you bogged down with complex and time-consuming holiday pay calculations? paiyroll® instantly calculates holiday pay so you can save time, skip the headaches and go straight to compliant holiday pay. For salaried fixed-hours workers, variable earners (commission, overtime, etc.), and irregular-hour workers!

Not ready to switch payroll? Add the holiday pay companion to your existing payroll system for instant automated holiday pay.

Statutory and occupational pay

Sick, maternity and paternity pay is now automated.

We automatically work out the statutory pay and any additional company scheme pay-out for any number of schemes. All we need is a start date, end date and scheme – hey presto, it’s all done.

Automated pro-rata salary

Effortless salary pro-rata.

Stop manually dividing by 365 or 260! paiyroll® automatically calculates pro-rata salary without any extra information from start, leave, salary change dates, backpay and absences.

Select from 4 pro-rata schemes: annual 365, annual 260 working, monthly calendar or monthly working days. Full time or part time. Hourly and daily overtime are also derived from salary.

ai automation: tax codes and notices

Never review, select, or apply tax codes ever again.

For completely streamlined tax code management, our automated assistant paiyroll® Debbie automates the entire tax code process for you:

  • Picks up tax codes from HMRC at the right time
  • Applies tax codes in the right order
  • Sets you up for the first pay run of the year
    …and more!

No more time spent sifting through endless tax codes and employees, and no expertise is required because paiyroll® does it all for you. Never worry about a tax codes ever again!

ai automation: auto-generated payslips

Never create, email, or upload a payslip ever again.

✅GDPR-compliant payslips are always protected.

Due to GDPR compliance, banks and financial institutions would never email your statement to you, instead you use a secure login to access your statements using self-service. paiyroll® is the same: payslips, P60s, and P45s are generated automatically by employee self-service which means you’re always 100% GDPR-compliant. Imagine never having to generate or email a payslip ever again.

Same-day migration service

Seamless migration, even mid-year!

With 1-click import for year-to-date figures and auto-enrolment, switching to paiyroll® couldn’t be easier. In fact, you can migrate to our system in just one day.

We also have a simple onboarding process and with our eay-to-use platform you’ll be ready to do payroll yourself in no time.

Automation Saves Your Business Time and Money

By automating the entire payroll system, our customers have saved 75% of their time and reduced costs by 50%.

See how you can do the same by watching our 3 minute video.

Our guarantee

Risk-free. No commitments.

We believe in satisfaction first, that’s why we’re offering new customers a free trial. No contracts. No upfront costs. No commitments so you pay nothing until you are 100% satisfied and decide to switch.

Once you are satisfied, it’s just a straightforward monthly fee. Visit our pricing page for more information.

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