PulseHRM + Ezora

Imagine all your HRM Time & Attendance data automatically transferred into payroll at the touch of a button – that’s what our integration achieves. Shift changes are collected on a daily basis, and as often as needed if intra-day changes are made. We believe this is the most advanced integration between PulseHCM and a payroll system. Finally, your PulseHCM data can now drive paiyroll®.


Integration features


We use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) powered by ezora to collect all your Time & Attendance data automatically.


All data is checked before being added to paiyroll®.

Daily Shift synchronisation

The integration is designed to be run automatically on a daily schedule. It can also be run manually as often as required during the payroll cycle. Thousands of shifts are captured in minutes.

Column Pre-Processor

Columns can be joined, split or re-formatted to extract any Shift Information.

Live Continuous Pay including Worker ID, Hours, Rate, Location and Date

Workers can see their Shifts and full payslip with all deductions in near real-time. Typical Shift information incldues date, location, hours and rates. However, there is no limit to how you can describe a shift.

Unlimited Shifts and Pay Rates

There is no limit to the number of Shifts you can import per worker. Use either simply shift rates or complex split rates.

Error Handling

Full error handling including shifts for workers who have not been added (new starters), shifts for leavers, as well as invalid shift rows.

Dry run

Test the integration and view a full report before running.

Multi-Company Support

Supports multiple companies in paiyroll® including multiple PAYE references in paiyroll®.