Driver Recruitment Software (DRS) Rolled Up Holiday Pay

Follow the steps below to create new pay definition(s) and configure the data feed to use these.

Company setup > Pay Definitions > Add new Pay Definition(s) e.g. RUH 1, RUH 2 etc. based on the Per unit Pay Template:

If you have many numbered variants, you may find it easier to create one, then download it Company setup > Pay Definitions > Download. Open the spreadsheet and delete all the other irrelevant Pay Definitions, and then create as many numbered variants as you need – for example:

Save the file (XLSX, CSV or ODF) and then upload in Company setup > Pay Definitions > Upload.

My data feeds > click on the name of the DRS Data feed (or Company setup > Report Definitions > Update). Enter the Pay Definition in Other and click Update:

Finally, run the DRS data feed to pull over any rolled-up holiday pay.

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