Exporting data from existing payroll software

Automatically import these formats #

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Accentra Primo Payroll
Employee List fileFPS
On the Employees screen select all employees
Export ‣ Employee List (Excel)
Click the P11 List button
RTI ‣ Download FPS File noting the password protected zip information
Select the Tax year, Pay Frequency and the last Tax Period then Download the latest submitted FPS
Employee List fileFPS
From the home screen select Export and Excel
On the Pick Data to Export dialog, tick Employee and Basic Data Only
Click Export to CSV to save the file
You should have a file named something like: Employees.csv 
From the home screen select Export
Select XML to export and the last Full Payment submission file
You should have an XML file named something like: FPS-2024-06 230925 080123.xml

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