Handling pay run report submission exceptions

Confirm the cause #

Go to Pay runs and View the failing pay run to establish the cause of the exception.

If the pay run process was the cause of the exception see the related article here.

If the report submission was the cause of the exception, then follow the steps below.

My Tasks #

Go to My tasks and carefully identify the report that is failing.

Then click Handle Exception as Master Admin (you may need to repeat for multiple reports):

If there are multiple administrators, you may see a screen where you need to assign the Task to you by clicking Done:

Continue the submission #

The first option to try in all cases is the default option to Continue the report submission as below:

If the above steps fail, usually very quickly, then you will need to restart the submission in the next section.

Restart the submission #

Change the Restart option as below to Restart the report submission. This allows the entire report to be re-submitted from the start:

Check that the report has been completed successfully.

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