Journal Imbalance

If you add a new pay definition, there is a possibility that your journal will not balance. If this is the case, the software will nearly always alert you to the pay definition that is the cause of the problem just below the journal on the journal sheet of the Preapproval 2 summary.

Review the journal and the imbalance notes to decide what changes need to be made to the Journal Debits or Credits. Once you have identified how the journal needs to be balanced, follow the steps below. In this example, we will assume that a new pay definition needs to be added to the Credit accounts

  1. Company setup > Report Definitions and update the Pre-approval summary2

2. In the credit area select net_pay and Deduction and click the Add button, then click the Negate box as below. Then Update the report.

3. Now do a pay run redo and check the journal. If you have got it right, the journal will now balance.

4. However sometimes depending on whether the values are recorded as positive or negative it may be that the imbalance is now double. If this is the case, update the Pre-approval summary2 as above to un-tick the Negate tick box and click Update. Check with a pay run redo that the journal now balances.

The steps described above for the Pre-approval summary2 are the same for all the bookkeeping reports (Xero, QuickBooks, and Freeagent). These would also have the same imbalance issue and should be corrected at the same time.

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