Leavers FAQ

How to mark a leaver? #

To set a worker as a leaver:

  • Go to Employee setup > Choose the worker > Update
  • Set their End date and click Update.

Then, the next Pay run will process the worker as a leaver:

  • Salary will be automatically prorated.
  • Holiday will pay out if the When leaving setting is selected (in the Scheme Pay Definition).
  • (GB) A P45 will created and HMRC will be notified.

You can also use the Toolshed > Employee bulk editor to set the end dates of multiple people at the same time.

How can a leaver see their documents? #

Worker’s have access to paiyroll® after the leaving date for about 31 days.

  • If you need to allow access after that, please consult the documentation under “Leavers”.
  • If you need to re-enable access temporarily, set the worker’s Active setting.
    • There is no need to set a reminder to clear the setting as Payroll Debbie will run within a day and clear it.
  • Pay-after-leave (see below) will automatically restore access temporarily.

How to pay a leaver? #

To include a worker in a Pay run after leaving, first add a date in the worker’s Pay after end setting: 

Now, all Pay runs up to that date will include the worker. Second, use the Pay Item Editor to provide the adjustments needed. Tip: remember to clear any pay and pay after end date after.

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