Set up a GB pension

This guide outlines the steps to set up an Auto Enrolment (AE) pension.

  1. Add a Pay Definition for the pension scheme using the Pension scheme Pay Template. You will normally require a single scheme, but you can add as many schemes as needed – for example, if directors receive higher contributions than employees.

    • First set the pension provider using the Clazz (class of scheme).

    • Then set all the scheme input values according to your scheme:

  2. Add a Pay Definition using the AE Pay Template. Inputs should be set as follows:

    • No tax relief and Overseas national awaiting NI are normally unticked.

    • Qualifying Earnings source uses the default qualifying earnings buss.

    • Worker % provides a default value when adding an employee Pay Item. This can be changed on a per-employee basis.

    • Scheme must refer to the scheme created above

  3. Add an AE Pay Item to each employee. You can either:

    • add Pay Items individually or

    • use the Pay Item Editor by updating an Employee and clicking Manage Pay Items…If the employee was previously auto-enrolled, opted-in or opted-out, then set these inputs appropriately:

    • Migrated status should only be set for imported employees and not new employees. Values are ‘Auto enrolled’, ‘Opted-out’, ‘Opted-in’ and ‘Deferred’. Similarly Migrated enrol date should be set if the employee was previously auto-enrolled.

    • Do not enter values for Opt-out date and Opt-in date but see below for how these may be used in the future.

  4. Add a Report Definition for the pension provider. Some report definitions generate files which can be uploaded (e.g. CSV) while others use a web service (API).

  5. paiyroll® is now ready and automatic enrolment will operate entirely automatically for each pay run.


If a notice is received from a pension provider for opt-in, opt-out or a contribution change, then set the appropriate inputs on the employee Pay Item Opt-out date Opt-in date Worker %, Some data feed reports will automatically set these inputs e.g. NEST.

If you receive a valid refund notice, then enter a reference in the Refund reference input. Refunds are automatically applied in the current pay-run.

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