Setting up Xero/Freeagent/Quickbooks integration

Follow this guide to set up a fully configured integration that will post journals automatically upon pay-run approval.

Add Report Definition #

  • Company setup > Report Definitions.
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Add…
  • Select the company
  • select the bookkeeping integration
  • Optionally name the report definition.
  • Click Add

Configure the Journal Mapping #

Company setup > Report Definitions.

Update the new report definition added above

  • Click Grant
  • Log-in to Xero/FA/QB
  • Approve access

Configure each journal Debit and Credit line

Verify the configuration #

Pay run redo and ensure the journal matches.

If there is an error, now or in the future, the journal does not balance and you will need to reconfigure the journal mapping using the above steps

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