Setup SSP, SMP or SPP absence

Simple “days entered” SSP #

If you only need to enter the number of SSP days to pay after the waiting days you can use this approach.

  • Company Setup > Pay Definitions > Add
  • Create a new Pay Definition as below – making sure the Rate you use reflects the SSP daily rate for your employee’s working pattern:
  • Click Add

In the Pay Item Editor select the new Sickness days pay definitions and click Create to add this pay item to the worker

Finally, enter the number of days in the Pay Item and click Update.

The LIve payslip will show the correct payment if you have entered everything correctly:

Workflow-based SSP, SMP or SPP #

Follow these steps:

  1. Add the relevant Pay Item (SSP, SMP or SPP) to the employee in the Pay Item Editor.
  2. Either the employee can then request Time off for the absence (rather like they do Holiday requests), or
  3. Alternatively, the department manager can submit the request on behalf of the employee. You can create, or reuse an existing, test employee to be this manager instead of a real employee. If you do use a test employee, you will need to make sure the relevant pay item (SSP, SMP or SPP) is added to the manager
  4. If you have a manager hierarchy set up, the absence request will be routed to the manager, otherwise, the request will be routed to the master Admin.
  5. Once the request is approved, the payout is automated.

Manager Workflow #

Log in as the department Manager and click Time off

Set the Manager tasks to the absence required e.g. SSP and click New Report as Manager:

Select the Employee, Frequency and the Start date, and optionally add a Start comment and click Create:

The absence will now operate automatically.

To add an absence End Date go to My tasks and select Add End as Manager.

You will then be able to add the end date. Then the sickness will have fully entered

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