Outsource for £1.50 per employee PCM. Free app and holiday pay – how is that possible?

We always get asked this! Traditional payroll and outsource payroll service(s) are manually operated and therefore costly. We use the latest technology to run payroll in the cloud – Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA). Quite simply, automation saves you money.

Our service: You get HMRC tested and recognised payroll, pension auto-enrolment, holiday pay (the law on holiday pay changed as of 6 April 2020), timesheets, and a free app for every employee.

No extra for Weekly payroll.


Use the calculator to check your monthly pricing:

Our fees are 100% transparent:

* FeesPricing
Per employee PCM
(everyone you pay in the month)
Per employee PCM
(anyone else)
Minimum PCMThe minimum fee is £50
All prices exclusive of VAT. Payment by direct debit

How it works

1. Send your data

  • Add starters, leavers and changes from mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Enter timesheets or have employees enter them
  • New employees complete starter forms on their mobile
  • Holidays are entered by employees and approved by managers
  • Alternatively, you can also upload starter and changes from spreadsheets e.g. from your HR, Time & Attendance or ERP system

2. View payroll

  • We collect tax codes from HMRC so you never have to worry
  • View payroll 24-7 from any device
  • Payslip previews for employees before payday on their app
  • Our payroll implements the new 52-week holiday law

3. Approve payroll

  • When you are happy, approve payroll with one click
  • We update HMRC and your pension auto-enrolment pension

4. Pay employees

  • Either we can make payments for you for a fee
  • Or download a BACS or FPS (Faster Payment Services) file for your bank for free

5. Payslips

  • Payslips automatically created
  • Your logo and branding can be added

6. Employee use the free app

Mobile payroll
Free employee app

Every employee gets access to our free app

  • View live payslips, even before payday
  • Download payslips after payday or if leaving
  • End of year P60s
  • Leaver P45s
  • GDPR compliant and secure
  • Update details e.g. email, phone, address, bank, National Insurance number
  • Enter holidays (optional)
  • Enter timesheets (optional)
  • Questions can be answered in the Knowledgebase and Pay query automatically compares any 2 payslips
  • Employees love the app and how they can check pay at any time before payday – means fewer errors and higher engagement

7. Reports and journals

Excel analytics
  • If you or your accountant use online bookkeeping, we can post the journals automatically.
  • Excel reports and journals available anytime 24-7 for your company presentations
  • Perform advanced queries and create charts
  • Can be used for bespoke reports

8. Support

  • Help is available whenever you need it
  • Support can be provided in your preferred format: phone, e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Teams or Google Meet.


  • We import your data
  • We can use an HMRC FPS file, a spreadsheet or a P11
  • We recommend at least 1 parallel run

“Our organisation previously used a traditional outsourced payroll service, but we knew there ought to be something better and cheaper. We reviewed every payroll product available and quickly realised there was one that aligned with our vision”.

One of the largest providers of workforce solutions


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know anything about our outsource payroll service. We’re always happy to talk without any obligation and no hard sell.

    FAQ frequently asked questions – outsource payroll service

    What makes you different?

    Our automation means you get the lowest price. Because Live payslips can be viewed by employees before payday, this catches most errors which is another benefit of automation.

    How do I know if you can process payroll correctly?

    We are tested and recognised by HMRC each year. Our company appears on GOV.UK here towards the bottom of the page in the ‘p’ section.

    Do you implement holiday pay?

    Yes using the holiday pay option, we are one of the only providers to automatically support the new 52-week holiday pay law that was introduced in April 2020. This means you can no longer use 12.07% rolled-up holiday pay. Any workers with regular variable pay like overtime or commission must be processed using the new 52-week pay reference period.

    Is auto-enrolment included?

    Yes, we can work with any pension provider.

    Can I payroll Benefits?

    We support any type of non-cash benefits Benefits In Kind (BIK).

    After I make a change, how long does it take to process?

    Changes are processed using RPA and immediately available – there is no delay.

    Can you e-mail payslips?

    Sorry, but just like your bank or building society would never ever e-mail you a statement, we don’t e-mail payslips. E-mailed payslips are not secure and don’t meet GDPR requirements. See more in our blog here.

    Can I pay using my own bank?

    Yes, we can provide the relevant BACS or FPS (Faster Payment Service) files for your own bank – just tell us which one. This is like online banking, but you upload the payments in one go. You save more money as you don’t need to pay us for something you can do with your own banking for less.

    What Timesheets do you support?

    Our Timesheet option supports hourly, daily, weekly and piece-rate (up to 3 different rates). Employees fill out a timesheet on their phones and are routed to managers for approval. Once approved, we automatically include these into the payroll and they are immediately visible on the employees Live payslip.

    Can I only switch to your outsource payroll service in April i.e. the start of the tax year?

    No, we can import your data at any time of the year

    How do I move to your service and how long does it take?

    We have a number of automated import options. We can use an HMRC FPS file, a spreadsheet or a P11. Normally we can complete an import in a week. If your payroll is complex, then it may take a little longer. We recommend at least 1 parallel run.

    Is it complicated to switch payroll?

    No, we take care of everything. There is very little for you to do other than provide us with the old data.

    Are there any other fees?

    No, none!

    Do I need any software?

    No, we are 100% cloud based and you access our service from any device and with any browser.

    Am I tried into a long contract?

    No, you are free to leave at any time and you only need to pay for any payroll processed in the month.

    What happens with tax codes?

    We automatically pick those up from HMRC and apply them to the relevant employees.

    What about pay queries?

    Employees can use the app to answer questions in the Knowledgebase. It contains links to HMRC to answer tax code queries. They can also use Pay query to automatically compare any 2 payslips – see here.

    I am an accountant, can I use your outsource payroll service for my clients?

    Yes, see our bureau service here

    How will I know if HMRC has been informed?

    When you approve payroll, we send the required data to HMRC using RTI. You will always have the digital receipt which looks like this:

    payroll service HMRC RTI receipt
    HMRC receipt

    How do my employees get pay documents?

    We don’t send payslips by post. All payslips, P60s and P45s can be viewed online, downloaded or printed from any device (phone, tablet or desktop).

    Payslip from payroll service
    Standard payslip with logo

    P60 form from payroll service
    P45 leaver form from payroll service