Outsource Payroll with AI

Times have changed. Everything is online, on-demand and instant.
It’s time to bring payroll to the 21st Century with AI.

Online banking. Online bookings. Online orders.
Going online has changed how we live in the 21st Century.
Now we are entering a new era – the era of AI.
So why not use it?

Managing payroll the old-fashioned way is time-consuming and businesses either outsource or employ multiple payroll administrators. Either way, this incurs unnecessary business costs that can be avoided by using AI. With paiyroll®, we streamline the entire payroll process with AI and automation. Customers have halved their costs when switching to us!

Sharing sensitive employee information with an external payroll provider via email could raise concerns about data security and confidentiality. At paiyroll®, we use your data from your HR or time and attendance system or directly from a spreadsheet. We use a cloud-based system to share payslips to employees directly via the app. Your data is safe because we do not use email to share payslips.

Every business is unique, yet outsourced payroll services offer limited customisation options, making it difficult to adapt to changing needs or unique payroll requirements. With paiyroll® you have full control with customised payslips:

Unlimited pay details
Payslip itemisation
Branding options

While outsourcing payroll can help ensure compliance with tax legislation, businesses remain ultimately responsible for any errors or non-compliance issues, which can result in penalties or legal consequences. With paiyroll®, we can update our software within 1-day of any changes to legislation, so you can rest easy knowing your payroll is always compliant.

Outsourcing FAQs

What makes paiyroll® different?

Our automation means you get the lowest price. Because Live payslips can be viewed by employees before payday, this catches most errors which is another benefit of automation.

How do I know if paiyroll® can process payroll correctly?

We are recognised by HMRC. Our company appears on GOV.UK here towards the bottom of the page in the ‘p’ section.

Does paiyroll® implement holiday pay?

Yes using the holiday pay option, we are one of the only providers to automatically support the new 52-week holiday pay law that was introduced in April 2020. This means you can no longer use 12.07% rolled-up holiday pay. Any workers with regular variable pay like overtime or commission must be processed using the new 52-week pay reference period.

Is auto-enrolment included in paiyroll®?

Yes, we can work with any pension provider.

Can I include payroll benefits?

We support any type of non-cash benefits Benefits In Kind (BIK).

After I make a change, how long does it take to process?

Changes are processed using RPA and immediately available – there is no delay.

Can paiyroll® e-mail payslips?

Sorry, but just like your bank or building society would never ever e-mail you a statement, we don’t e-mail payslips. E-mailed payslips are not secure and don’t meet GDPR requirements. See more in our blog here.

Can I pay using my own bank?

Yes, we can provide the relevant BACS or FPS (Faster Payment Service) files for your own bank – just tell us which one. This is like online banking, but you upload the payments in one go. You save more money as you don’t need to pay us for something you can do with your own banking for less.

What timesheets does paiyroll® support?

Our Timesheet option supports hourly, daily, weekly, and piece-rate (up to 3 different rates). Employees fill out a timesheet on their phones and are routed to managers for approval. Once approved, we automatically include these into the payroll and they are immediately visible on the employee’s Live payslip.

Can I only switch to your outsource payroll service in April i.e. the start of the tax year?

No, we can import your data at any time of the year

How do I move to your service and how long does it take?

We have a number of automated setup and import options. We can use an HMRC FPS file, Sage or Xero spreadsheets, or a P11. Normally we can complete an import in a few hours. If your payroll is complex, then it may take a little longer. We recommend at least 1 parallel run.

Is it complicated to switch payroll?

No, we take care of everything. There is very little for you to do other than provide us with the old data.

Are there any other fees?

No, none!

Do I need any software?

No, we are 100% cloud-based and you access our service from any device and with any browser.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?

No, you are free to leave at any time and you only need to pay for any payroll processed in the month.

What happens with tax codes?

We automatically pick those up from HMRC and apply them to the relevant employees.

What about pay queries?

Employees can use the app to answer questions in the Knowledgebase. It contains links to HMRC to answer tax code queries. They can also use Pay query to automatically compare any 2 payslips – see here.

I am an accountant, can I use your outsource payroll service for my clients?

Yes, see please contact us.

How will I know if HMRC has been informed?

When you approve payroll, we send the required data to HMRC using RTI. You will always have the digital receipt which looks like this:

payroll service HMRC RTI receipt
HMRC receipt

How do my employees get pay documents?

We don’t send payslips by post. All payslips, P60s, and P45s can be viewed online, downloaded, or printed from any device (phone, tablet, or desktop).

Payslip from payroll service
Standard payslip with logo

P60 form from payroll service
P45 leaver form from payroll service