From £150 pcm* get complete access to paiyroll®, our cloud-based payroll software that automates 80+ routine payroll tasks.

We streamline the entire payroll process to save you time and money, while giving you the ability to take on more clients effortlessly including director-only payroll.

*includes 100 client companies with up to 50 employees each. See pricing for more details.

Director payroll typically involves many payroll tasks that might take even an experienced professional 10 mins to process. That’s 6 clients an hour, and if you have more than 40 clients, well… that’s your whole day gone!

But with paiyroll® now payroll takes zero minutes, for all your clients. That’s because we automate all of your payroll tasks.

Here are a few features we think you’ll love!
Full features list here.

Template generation

We automatically generate templates for each of your clients. Simply download and share with your client to add in starters, leavers and other changes, then you upload the completed form for instant payroll.

API ability

Automated payroll API to HMRC, Pension, HR, Finance, ERP, T&A systems and banks. All you need to do is obtain information from your client

RTI reports

Real Time Information reports are available at any time after submission.

Employee app

Every client employee will have access to the paiyroll® app, so they can add shift work, view live pay, download payslips, P45s and P60s, flag any shift errors before pay day and make changes to their personal information (e.g. bank details).

Tax code generation

With artificial intelligence we automatically add the right tax code for every employee.

Automatic enrolment

Automatically assess and enrols employees every pay run, auto-generated pension letters, full control of pay items for qualifying earnings, tax and calendar PRPs, unlimited schemes, postponement of duties for starters, eligible jobholders and duties start, API integration or file-based reports.


You, your client and their employees can all access the same paiyroll® platform at the same time.

Any device, anywhere

The paiyroll® platform is accessible from any device, and from anywhere, so you’re always in control.