Payroll today

More often than not your client wants you to do it, but generally accountants dislike processing payroll. It’s tedious, error prone and not a high value activity. Many tend to either not offer the service, or price it high on the basis that their clients will go elsewhere (usually to a lower cost outfit). However, this does of course break the very essence of the strong relationship you have with your client.

Payroll tomorrow

What, if there was a way to be able to offer branded payroll services to your clients with minimal effort on your part whatsoever?

With paiyroll® you can. Imagine being able to offer payroll to every client, confident in the knowledge that designated key individuals are automatically prompted to provide any missing data. Any delays are escalated with SMS to managers to ensure the client completes every step on time and takes responsibility for their pay. You have direct visibility allowing any questions to be efficiently addressed.

No payslips to distribute, ever.

RPA means a flexible workforce

The advantages of a digital workforce, mean you can flex up or down in terms of the number of clients to take on, and regardless of their payroll complexity.

Maintain your relationship, satisfy your client and generate a profit at the same time.

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