Gig economy

Pay Today

You have developed a super slick platform which connects your workers with gigs. It conducts the entire work process with lightning efficiency – arranging deliveries, drivers, hourly workers etc. At the end of every gig, your workers know how much they have earned. However, this picture of frictionless perfection fades away as you move to the most important step for your workers…actually paying them.

Pay today simply doesn’t work for the gig economy. You’re tied into a monthly or 2-weekly, old school manual process trying to work out taxes, holiday accrual, social charges, tax authority filing etc.. Chances are you are paying a high cost for a lot of manual entry/verification meaning a poor service with unacceptable errors. Guess what– payroll re-introduces friction.

Pay for the gig economy

Imagine pay for your workers operating with the same lightning efficiency as your app… Gigsters finish their gigs, and you give them the freedom to decide what to do about their pay —pay themselves today or another day?

Why do your workers have to wait for 2 weeks or for the end of the month to get paid? If you have their hours, job or piece rates entered by 18:00 they could be paid by 20:00.

Avoid surprises

Your workers may well be surprised by the difference between their gross pay and net pay. Every deduction is made transparent before payday with our ‘Next payslip’ feature which simply explains each item of pay.

Meet the expectations of the gig economy with RPA

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