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Payroll today

Today’s public sector organisations, whether they be hospitals, schools or government, are faced with one overwhelming challenge – that is to do more with less. Never has the burden of cost reduction been such a priority. This is particularly challenging considering the scale of some public service departments.

Despite the fact you probably have been able to secure better commercial arrangement than most, the chances are outsourced payroll is costing you in excess of £4 per payslip or £50 per employee pa.

In addition to those high outsourcing costs, you will also be spending a significant effort to (1) prepare all the data for your outsourcer and (2) check and approve the final payroll. Total costs are very likely to exceed £75 per employee pa.

Outsource payroll for a fraction of your current cost

Because we totally automate payroll, it dramatically reduces the cost. Imagine payroll cost starting at £18 per annum.

Automatic time-sheets

If You have staff who are on hourly pay, it’s a breeze to have them fill out time-sheets on their smart phones which automatically calculate what they are due. Once submitted, these are routed to a manager, or administrator, for approval. Once approved they become part of the payroll process with no further manual intervention.

Payroll time-sheet
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