Switching Payroll

Switching payroll can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, we can provide a full service to help you switch payroll.

  • Price: £1.50 per pay-slip. By replacing administrative tasks with Artificial Intelligence (AI), we can offer payroll at this ground breaking price point.
  • Service: Forget everything you know about yesterdays payroll. Our platform works intuitively.   Whenever you enter any item, the payroll interactively updates
  • Free migration: For a limited time, we can offer free migration. We will import your last 12-months pay data: Full Payment Submission (FPS) and payroll excel files).
  • Risk FreeEvery payroll is ready from the 1st day of the month on mobile or desktop 24×7. Verify and correct errors in real-time for 100% accuracy.

Please use the contact form for an initial no-obligation discussion: