Maximising Payroll Efficiency With Automation

Ignite Nursing

Ignite Nursing, based in Wolverhampton, delivers premium healthcare services including Temporary staffing and Assisted Living.

To manage weekly and monthly payrolls for 50+ shift workers, Ignite Nursing used old desktop payroll software requiring 2 payroll operators. Workers had difficulty checking their pay and reporting errors because the payslips only included a single entry for all weekly or monthly hours, but not individual shifts.

Abdallah, Managing Director, knew there must be a better way for a healthcare recruitment company to manage payroll, deliver complex real-time reporting and give workers visibility across their shifts. Ignite Nursing found paiyroll® was the solution to their payroll needs:

  • Automated holiday pay calculations
  • Always-ready live payslips, detailing each shift
  • Cloud-based, accessible from anywhere
  • Financial reporting, even mid-pay cycle
  • Reducing payroll time from 1-week to 1-hour

“paiyroll® has completely transformed the way we do payroll. We used to use a very outdated payroll system and had a complex process for working out pay. Now with paiyroll® every calculation is automatically done for us, even holiday pay, and it has saved us 1 full time administrator. I can’t ever see us going back to our old way.”

– Abdallah, Managing Director, Ignite Nursing

Maximise payroll efficiency with integration and automated holiday pay

Ignite Nursing engaged paiyroll® to integrate payroll with their two front-end Time & Attendance (T&A) systems. Any shift data entered on the T&A system, is automatically be uploaded into paiyroll®. Using continuous calculation, workers and administrators can view live payslips instantly before payday. Payslips include every individual shift including date, time, location, multiple pay rates and holiday pay.

  • For workers that means shift errors can be corrected before payday.
  • For administrators that means no manual data entry or calculations.

Integrated with a time and attendance system for maximum efficiency

Financial reporting, ready when you need it

An important part of any business is staying on top of financial reporting. The old payroll software was unable to provide the required business reports. Because paiyroll® is driven directly from the T&A systems, Ignite Nursing can see weekly business unit reporting across weekly and monthly pay frequencies. Continuous calculation provides an accurate picture of employment financials, in as much detail as needed, at any time – even before payday.

“It wasn’t just about paying people, it was also about creating weekly financial reporting by business unit across weekly and monthly pay schedules. For example, we need to know the full cost of the business on a week-by-week basis and ensure holiday pay is correct. Business cost reports were never accurate with the old system.”

– Simon, Healthcare Co-Ordinator, Ignite Nursing

Q&A with Ignite Nursing

What were the cost/time savings after switching to paiyroll®?
paiyroll® has reduced our payroll effort from a 2-person weekly job to 1-person 1-hour per week! Holiday pay is automated and financial reports are available by business unit each week.

What are the top 3 features you like most about paiyroll®?
1) Automated holiday pay calculations 2) Integration with our two time and attendance systems meant that we never have to enter data manually again 3) Customisable shift details in the live payslips mean that our workers can view each shift and flag any errors before payday.

Have you seen any changes in employee satisfaction concerning paiyroll®?
Our employees love using the paiyroll® app to check their pay!