Switching Payroll

Switching Payroll isn’t difficult

Switching payroll can seem overwhelming. But, there is no need to worry as we can provide a full service to help you switch.

We are software experts and have extensive experience in analysing and importing data. Therefore, we can work with a wide variety of data formats. Whether your data is in XML, CSV, XLS we can convert almost anything.


Fully automated one-click import for HMRC Full Payment Submission (FPS) files. The FPS XML file is available from your existing in-house payroll system or from your outsourced payroll provider.

FPS switching payroll software import

Online Data Feeds

Our online payroll service includes completely customisable data feeds. There are several types of Data Feed using file upload to import data.

Report Template

Manual or Networked


Upload shifts CSV

Manual, using CSV

A file containing details of shift payments.

Upload workers CSV

Manual, using CSV

A file containing details of workers.

A transform template specifies how columns are combined to form the field using characters and keys in any combination.

Normally, our standard data feeds can be used to import existing files. However, if that is not possible, we can create custom software to import data. In this situation, any data can be imported.

Imported payroll
Imported worker report (Excel)
  • Price: By replacing administrative tasks with Robotic Payroll Automation, we can offer a payroll service at this groundbreaking price point.
  • Online payroll Service: Forget everything you know about payroll. Our platform works intuitively.   Whenever you enter an item, the payroll interactively updates
  • Free migration: For a limited time, we can offer free migration. We will import pay data: Full Payment Submission (FPS) and payroll excel files).
  • Risk-FreeEvery payroll is ready from the 1st day of the month on mobile or desktop 24×7. Verify and correct errors in real-time for 100% accuracy.
  • All Payroll IDs preserved for HMRC.

Payroll Switching checklist

  1. Full Payment submission XML file
  2. Employee e-mail, bank account and telephone numbers spreadsheet file
  3. Salary file
  4. Pay schedule frequency and dates
  5. Pension provider scheme details
  6. Finance system details

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