Why yesterday’s approach no longer works

Payroll is a time-consuming, manual process often taking a month to complete.

Payroll flow
Todays complex payroll process

Enterprises have turned to outsourcing and employee benefit platforms in an attempt to overcome these limitations. The gig economy struggles with the friction when their platform tries to interface with manual payroll. Public sector organisations spend vast sums to deliver payroll to large workforces. Accountants either avoid payroll, or charge excessive fees in an attempt to avoid getting saddled with low value services. Across the globe, employers are paying for, or expending, excessive levels of labour in collecting, entering, and transferring data to deliver an administrative process. It’s not just cost, the today’s payroll service often falls way below expectations with frequent errors. Expensive, poor service, manual and stressful — it doesn’t have to be this way.

Configured for you

Because your pay requirements are unique, we configure the system for you so that it runs automatically. If and when information is needed, you are prompted by  e-mail/SMS to enter data or upload a spreadsheet.  Access the system anytime to provide other updates such as starters, leavers or salary changes and approve the final pay-run. That’s it.

Why customers choose us

  1. On-demand pay
  2. Reduce pay and benefits administration to a fraction of todays cost
  3. Create a compelling reason to attract talent over your competition
  4. Reduced attrition
  5. Zero errors
  6. No stress