3, 2, 1… Zero!

Zero-minute payroll is here.

Imagine if you could automatically turn your employee data into payroll. Every starter, leaver, and address changes along with every hourly shift, rate, date, location, salary, and holiday. That’s what paiyroll® does. We convert data into payroll in a couple of clicks in any format, any HR, Time & Attendance, ERP or good old-fashioned spreadsheet. 

The moment data is uploaded, every employee can see it on their mobile in real-time. We call it live pay and it’s a game changer. Make any changes to your data and repeat as often as required to correct errors before payday. 

We even migrate your data automatically with no hassle.

When integrated with your HR or time and attendance system, paiyroll® automatically collects employee shift/timesheet data via API for starters, leavers and every pay item (e.g. salary, benefits, bonus, shifts) on a daily basis. You don’t have to do a thing, just like a self-driving car. Without API integration, you can always upload your data into paiyroll® in just a few clicks.

paiyroll® uses continuous calculation which drives live payslips so payroll is always up to date. The entire payroll process is automated and uses AI to trigger the next step, without you even having to ask.

Live payslip

Workflows are processes that follow a predefined flow. Every payroll process includes multiple workflows, even if they are not documented. There are two main types of workflow:

Person-Software-Person for example holiday booking between an employee and their manager.

Software-Software, for example paiyroll® collects tax codes from HMRC servers during every pay run workflow.

paiyroll includes workflows for Absences (holiday, sickness, maternity, paternity etc.), Timesheets Pay run, Approvals and Report submissions.

Essentially we have an automated workflow to automate the entire payroll processes.

Unlike traditional payroll which is only ready at the end of a pay cycle, our payroll is ready from day 1. Whether it’s the 1st of the month or the 1st day of the week, payroll is ready and visible to all as soon as you input data.

If you have ordered online, you’ve experienced the ability to get a 24×7 view of when a delivery is expected. Live payroll works the same way. By making sure payroll is ready from the beginning of the payroll cycle, each time a worker accesses their live payslip, the mobile app shows their expected payslip. It takes all available data to date and completes an entire pay run, on-demand, instantly, on the worker’s mobile. As new data is added e.g. commission, bonus, timesheet, starter, leaving date or change, the system is updated in real-time just like an online order.

Because everyone can see live pay, employees flag any errors before pay day.


An API is a method by which one software can ‘talk to another software (the ‘application’). Being a SaaS application, paiyroll® makes extensive use of APIs.

Unless you have software development expertise you will never create an API. For most of our customers, all you will be interested in is have we integrated with the 3rd Party tool you will be. APIs are either 3rd Party or our own i.e. paiyroll®.

We have built API integrations with multiple software, for example HMRC, The Pension Regulator, Pension providers, Finance systems, HR Systems, Time and Attendance Systems. If we don’t have an integration you need, we can build it.

Functionality for payroll automation

Automatic payroll calculations

As well as all the legislative calculations like PAYE, NIC, Automatic Enrolment, Student/Postgraduate loans and Attachments, Payroll includes important calculations for many complex scenarios that are normally perfumed manual ‘off-payroll’.

  • Schemes
  • Occupational
  • Maternity, Paternity, Adoption
  • Statutory
  • Off-payroll
  • Pro-rata payments
  • Holiday pay
  • NMW National Minimum Wage

Data In automation

We collect all the data for payroll using the following

  • Smart Data Collection
  • Missing
  • E-mail, SMS, Voice
  • Employees
  • Starter forms
  • NI number
  • Bank account
  • Managers
  • CSV
  • Workflows
  • Timesheet
  • Absence
  • API
  • HMRC
  • Tax codes
  • Pension
  • Opt-out, refunds
  • T/A
  • HR
  • ERP
  • paiyroll®

Data Out (Reporting) automation

All reports for EMployees, managers and administrators are generated on-demand. You will never have to generate or distribute a document again.