About us

Our history

Founded by entrepreneurs, Mark Paraskeva and Shaheed Haque, paiyroll® is an innovative cloud-based platform that offers automated pay to modern businesses.

Mark studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Southampton. It was during this time that he developed a life-long obsession for solving problems using technology. 

He went on to spend over 30 years in the software industry before being appointed CEO of Iris Payroll & HR in 2012. During his time at Iris, he became increasingly frustrated by the archaic, manual processes required to run payroll. 

Whilst brands like Uber, Monzo and Booking.com were transforming their sectors and simplifying things for consumers, payroll remained painfully outdated. Businesses across the globe were spending huge amounts of time, effort and money processing their pay. Mark knew there must be a better way to run payroll.

Shaheed studied Engineering Science at Oxford and started his career at Digital Equipment Company (DEC) where he met Mark.

Ironically, Mark introduced Shaheed to the Ada programming language software which started Shaheed’s 35 Year software architect career at Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco and Sky.

His expertise is in Cloud, Internet-scale networking, streaming video, and world-class engineering tooling.

Shaheed’s passion is extracting vision from chaos, so when Mark and Shaheed met in 2017, paiyroll® was born and then the rest, as they say, is history…

Our mission

Our mission is to automate the world’s payroll using artificial intelligence.

We are passionate about what we do. That’s why from day one, we committed to developing an architecture that could handle payroll for the globe. This meant that paiyroll® had to be developed independent of jurisdiction and fully capable of being internationalised and localised for any country. We believe paiyroll® is the future of global pay.