Same-day payroll migration

Forget everything you knew about payroll switching being a nightmare! We realised years ago that migration needs to be automated and we do it for you.

paiyroll® will import year-to-date figures and automatic enrolment status using our clever AI. We can switch you from your current payroll in one day!

How does it work? We have multiple types of importers, but the FPS (Full payment submission) based option is probably the best for most cases.

FPS Import

Ideally, you provide 2 files from your existing payroll and optionally 2 additional history files:

  1. Your last full payment submission XML file (we have easy-to-follow instructions on how to obtain this from all the leading payroll software).
  2. An employee CSV or XLSX file that contains missing, but important data from the FPS: email, mobile, bank details, start date, RTI pay ID and works ID. This file is also an export from your existing payroll software.
  3. Optionally 12 months of pay history and 104 weeks of weekly holiday history – these are only required if you want to migrate statutory absences and you want to start with 104 weeks of holiday history.
FPS import

The wizard will import these files automatically into payroll. There is no editing to do. It takes a few minutes, and your entire company is recreated like magic! Every year-to-date figure precisely matches your old payroll with zero effort effort. The wizard can also perform a Merge import which allows for importing multiple pay frequencies e.g. Monthly and Weekly into the same company.

Automatic Enrolment migration

Our FPS cleverly uses AI to determine the automatic enrolment status for every worker from the FPS and the additional employee CSV. It does this by looking at any pension payments any year-to-date pension in the last FPS, employee start date and earnings. You simply provide the following 2 pieces of data to:

  • Pension postponement
  • Banded or Unbanded earnings

It achieves 90% accuracy by reverse computing automatic enrolment from all this data and is a massive time saver. You will find all your imported employees have been assigned as enrolled, opted out, deferred or not enrolled. If there are any that need to be modified, this can be done in an instant, and even saved for future import

Parallel run your last FPS

You can choose to import year-to-date figures – however, we recommend you don’t set this option and allow the importer to automatically rewind your FPS to just before the pay run and set up a parallel run to replicate your last payroll. This is done automatically by subtracting your last FPS payment information from the year-to-date FPS figures to put you in a position just before your pay run. We then use the last FPS payments to set up a parallel run. That way you can add high-level pay items like salary, and bonuses and tweak any special pay items so that you can verify a full parallel run based on your last FPS.

Graphical Auto Compare

Having done a huge number of parallel runs, we realised the most important automation is to graphically highlight any differences to enable you to pinpoint issues without wading through tons of matching data. We can compare the generated and original FPS, generated bank file pension files so that you can be 100% assured that the import of payroll faithfully reproduces your original payroll.

Optional Pay and Holiday history

You also have the option to import 12 months of pay data from your last payroll as a spreadsheet file so that we can automatically compute any Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) for SSP, SMP and SPP. If you’re using our paiyroll® to generate a 52-week holiday pay average, then you can also import the last 104 weeks of weekly pay data so that your 1st pay run is absolutely 100% accurate. If this data is unavailable then, you can proceed without it


All this means you can migrate at any point in the year, as well as effortlessly complete multiple parallel runs as required (although we usually find now clients increasingly happy with the first parallel run).

Our guarantee means that unless you are 100% happy with your imported payroll and our system you pay absolutely nothing.