Live payroll

Your payroll is ready from the 1st day the payroll cycle, visible by everyone. The system is updated in real-time as new data is added– e.g. commissions, bonuses, timesheets, starters, leavers or changes.

We don’t just mean the employer, we mean employees too. Each time an employee accesses their “next” payslip, payroll is run automatically. It takes all available data to-date and prepares the payslip according to their jurisdiction. An entire pay run, on-demand, in a fraction of a second.

Timesheets entered and approved in real-time

  • Workers can update their timesheets in real-time.
  • Managers approve timesheets in real-time.

Accurate pay checked by the best-placed person

Who is the best placed to check an employees pay? Easy, it’s themselves. They know what their base salary should be and they know their expected bonus/ commission. By giving early visibility, it empowers them to be fully engaged with every element of pay and benefit. If anything is missing or incorrect, we connect them with the source of that data so that it can be corrected immediately. They have full control of their benefits 24×7. It puts pay where it should be – at the centre of work.

Real-time pay engages employees

Research shows that workers who receive daily pay are 100% more likely to apply for a role, and far more likely to remain engaged.

“I work shifts and paper timesheets meant I often got paid incorrectly. With paiyroll® it’s so easy to enter hours on my phone when I start and finish. Even better, the second my supervisor approves my timesheet, my next payslip shows gross and net. I am so happy my shift pay is now always correct.”

“I work in sales and earn commission monthly. The moment our finance admin loads the commissions spreadsheet into paiyroll®, my updated payslip is ready for me to view. It’s brilliant as I can catch any mistakes immediately and I know what net pay I’m due.”

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in how paiyroll® can help you, why not meet payroll expert, Mark?