Continuous Calculation

Live payslip (continuous calculation) means that payroll is always ready. Administrators or employees can run a pay run at any time using the data available. When new data is uploaded, this is then accessed in any future pay runs.

Zero Errors

Employees love the app and how they can check Live payslips at any time before payday – this means fewer errors and higher engagement. Real-time continuous payroll supports daily pay.

Back-pay, holiday-pay, any format spreadsheet upload, self-service new starter forms, employees generate their own Payslips, P60s and P45s. paiyrol® automates 80+ tasks.

Changes in minutes not days

No more e-mailing spreadsheets and waiting days for payroll. Upload or add changes with self-service and payroll is immediately ready.

Daily Pay

Optional pay-on-demand

Other payroll systems cannot support pay frequencies shorter than 1-week. paiyroll® works right down to 1-day with the full calculation of tax and other deductions. 

Workers can see daily pay updates for example daily shifts up to the present day.

Pay me now allows workers to draw earned pay at any time; automated submission to HMRC means zero compliance risk.


One button approval automatically submits payroll to HMRC, pension, and online bookkeeping

Payroll Debbie, our automated assistant, collects HMRC tax codes and pension opt-outs for you

Automation = £1.50 per employee per month and a 65-75% reduction in time

We call this Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA). If you hate payroll, everyone will love paiyroll®