Continuous Calculation

Employee pay details change all the time. Every starter, leaver, and address change along with every hourly shift, rate, date, location, salary, and holiday. What if these changes could automatically be turned into payroll?

Continuous calculation means that payroll is always ready. Employees see earned pay each day with live payslips and can even request pay-on-demand (see daily pay option here).

Live payslips
Both payroll administrators and employees can run payroll at any time using the data available. When new data is uploaded or a change is made, payroll is updated instantly and can be viewed on the live payslip via the paiyroll® app.

Zero errors
Employees are engaged and love to check how much they have earned before payday. Any incorrect data entries that appear on the system can be corrected by employees and payroll updated instantly. That means zero errors!

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in how paiyroll® can help you, why not meet payroll expert, Mark?