We live in an on-demand world, where consumers can get what they want, when they want and how they want it.
So why not with how employees are paid?

Our ground-breaking pay-on-demand feature allows employees to request earned pay daily, weekly or monthly. Now employees can be paid faster and without the financial stress of payday loans.

Pay day every day
If you enable this feature, we let your employees request their pay every day. paiyroll® works right down to 1-day with the full calculation of tax and other deductions while other payroll systems cannot support payroll shorter than 1-week.

  • Add pay-on-demand to any employee
  • Automated submission to HMRC means zero compliance risk
  • Set limits on how often and how much can be requested
  • Available pay is limited to earned pay each day
  • HMRC compliance with every on-demand pay run
  • Works alongside weekly and monthly pay cycles 
  • Employee types: Salaried monthly employees, shift, or casual employees
  • Methods of pay: timesheets, fixed daily rate, pay per completed job, any other type

Same-day pay
Pay employees on the same day. For example, if a timesheet has been submitted by 17:00 and approved by their manager by 18:00, it is possible to approve the pay run by 19:00. Then the BACS file is immediately ready to submit to your bank using Faster Payments Service.

Pay me now

When offered pay on-demand, job candidates are almost twice as likely to apply and employees are 41% less likely to leave.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in how paiyroll® can help you, why not meet payroll expert, Mark?