Navigating Leap Year Payroll: What UK Employers Should Know

What A Leap Year Means For Payroll As we leap into the new year, it’s important for UK employers to be aware of how the extra day in February affects payroll. With a friendly reminder of this quirky calendar event, let’s explore how it may impact your payroll process and what steps you can take to ensure everything runs smoothly and to avoid fines for incorrect pay. Whether employees are entitled to an extra day’s pay this … Read more

Stay Ahead of the Game: HMRC Mandatory Payrolling of Benefits in Kind from April 2026

HMRC Scraps P11D’s For Payrolling of Benefits in Kind In a recent tax simplification update, HMRC has announced that the payrolling of benefits will become mandatory starting April 2026. This marks a shift in how employers handle benefits, currently requiring them to either submit P11D forms or opt for real-time taxation through PAYE by registering to payroll benefits. Employers are expected to carefully review the changes for the new regime when available, and start considering now what … Read more

Staff Retention & Engagement Becomes Top 2024 Workforce Priority

Increased Employee Compensation is a Workforce Priority in 2024 In the dynamic landscape of workforce management, retaining and engaging talent has become a central concern for businesses as they navigate the challenges of attracting and retaining skilled professionals. According to the recent research by Totaljobs, a significant 33% of businesses are gearing up to increase salaries and bonuses this year, emphasising the crucial link between compensation and talent retention. The research also highlights that the leading cause … Read more

7 Ways Payroll Automation Is Good For Society

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technological innovation, there’s a quiet revolution underway that holds the potential to reshape not just businesses but the very fabric of our society. At the heart of this transformation is payroll automation – a game-changer that extends its impact far beyond the confines of corporate offices, offering optimisation with minimal oversight. In the quest for efficiency and accuracy, businesses are turning to automated payroll systems, and the effects are profound. In … Read more

Directors Cut: Effortlessly Expand Your Clientele with Payroll Automation

In the ever-evolving landscape of payroll management, accountants, bookkeepers and payroll bureaus have always play a pivotal role. Now there’s a new kid in town making payroll simpler, quicker and less stressful. This article explores how embracing payroll automation, with software like paiyroll®, and the unique challenges of director-only payroll can be a strategic move, offering not just a service but a growth opportunity for businesses. Navigating director-only complexities to become an indispensable partner While director-only payroll … Read more

Holiday Pay: Accrue 12.07% Hours or Roll-Up Holiday Pay (RHP)?

What you need to know about holiday pay changes The government recently announced the biggest shake-up in holiday pay since 2020. Here we untangle the changes and explain clearly what this means. An employer will be able to choose between 2 new options: rolled-up holiday pay or accrual of hours. Rolled-up holiday pay (RHP) for Irregular and part-year workers option Employers can choose to roll up all holiday pay on every payslip by adding 12.07% to the … Read more

Working Overtime Counts Towards Holiday Pay, Supreme Court says

Following a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court, businesses will have to include overtime as part of an employee’s holiday pay entitlement. This underscores the stringency of the law surrounding holiday pay and sets a critical precedent for employers to accurately compute holiday wages. This comes in light of a Supreme Court ruling on Wednesday in favour of backdating revised holiday pay rates for police staff against the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). The outcome of … Read more

Level Up: Salary Pro-Rata

salaray pro-rata

Ready to upskill your payroll knowledge about salary pro-rata? You’ve come to the right place! This article will give you an overview of what salary pro-rata is, different types of pro-rata, and how to make pro-rata calculations simpler using paiyroll® software. Let’s start with the basics… What is salary pro-rata? “Pro-rata” is a Latin term that means to distribute a proportion equally. In payroll, we use this as a method by which salary is equally distributed based … Read more

Get Ready For Big HMRC Changes

Following a crackdown on payment of National Minimum Wage earlier this year, HMRC has proposed changes to the law which will see businesses give a more detailed account of hours worked by their employees. Changes aren’t expected until April 2025 but failure to comply will mean facing penalty charges. Keep reading to find out more and how you can prepare to get ahead of the game. The Big Change For Payroll Of the proposed new compulsory data … Read more

National Insurance Number Available on Apple Wallet

“What’s your National Insurance Number?” Whether you’re on the receiving end or the person asking, not many people are able to give a quick response. For those who haven’t managed to memorise their National Insurance (NI) number yet, now you don’t have to! Apple iPhone users can now add their NI number to Apple Wallet either online or through the HMRC App. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide! Use Apple Wallet as Proof of NI number Employees … Read more