Level Up: Salary Pro-Rata

salaray pro-rata

Ready to upskill your payroll knowledge about salary pro-rata? You’ve come to the right place! This article will give you an overview of what salary pro-rata is, different types of pro-rata, and how to make pro-rata calculations simpler using paiyroll® software. Let’s start with the basics… What is salary pro-rata? “Pro-rata” is a Latin term that means to distribute a proportion equally. In payroll, we use this as a method by which salary is equally distributed based … Read more

Get Ready For Big HMRC Changes

Following a crackdown on payment of National Minimum Wage earlier this year, HMRC has proposed changes to the law which will see businesses give a more detailed account of hours worked by their employees. Changes aren’t expected until April 2025 but failure to comply will mean facing penalty charges. Keep reading to find out more and how you can prepare to get ahead of the game. The Big Change For Payroll Of the proposed new compulsory data … Read more

National Insurance Number Available on Apple Wallet

“What’s your National Insurance Number?” Whether you’re on the receiving end or the person asking, not many people are able to give a quick response. For those who haven’t managed to memorise their National Insurance (NI) number yet, now you don’t have to! Apple iPhone users can now add their NI number to Apple Wallet either online or through the HMRC App. Scroll down for a step-by-step guide! Use Apple Wallet as Proof of NI number Employees … Read more

National Minimum Wage Nightmares

The National Minimum Wage (NMW) can be a business owner’s worst nightmare and a payroll headache. Imagine the horror of being named and shamed by the Government for underpaying employees. Unfortunately, this nightmare became a reality for over 200 UK employers, ranging from major high street brands to sole traders. The repercussions? A staggering £7 million in penalties and the task of compensating 63,000 workers. It’s time to face the NMW challenge head-on and get it right … Read more

Holiday Pay – it’s payrolls problem!

You probably now know a lot more about holiday pay than you ever wanted to. It’s unlawful to pay rolled-up holiday pay, and it’s also incorrect to use 12.07% of pay or hours for holiday pay. To do it properly, and legally, you now need to record up to 104 weeks of weekly pay history and do a rolling 52-week average. You cannot use monthly pay s which is quite different.  We have worked with clients on holiday … Read more

How many days or hours do I give a variable hours worker?

Forget everything you thought you knew! The legislation specifies holidays in Weeks – so you have to start with that in mind e.g. all employees are entitled to 5.6 weeks regardless of whether they work 1 hour per week, 2 days per week or 3 days per week. The weeks are merely worth more or less. You cannot use hours without defining them as a fraction of a week which differs for every employee – so forget hours … Read more

What is a payroll reflection report?

A payroll reflection report is a document that summarizes and evaluates the performance of an organization’s payroll processes. The purpose of the report is to provide insights into the effectiveness of the payroll system and identify areas for improvement. The following are the key elements that should be included in a payroll reflection report: The tone of the report should be objective and impartial, focusing on the data and facts rather than personal opinions. The report should … Read more

What makes us different?

Founded by a team of engineers with a simple vision: Pay could be automated as an online payroll service in the cloud with Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA). paiyroll® is unlike existing systems: Existing payroll is RPA paiyroll® is For you that means: Desktop payroll software for a Single user A cloud online payroll service for Multiple users No software to install, no updates, backup or archive – ever Ready at the end of the week or month … Read more

Automated payroll Salary pro-rata

With paiyroll® you don’t need a calculator or spreadsheet to handle pro-rata Salaries for Starters, Leavers, Overtime, Mid-month changes, Back-pay, Absences or Overtime. All the examples below are automatically generated by payroll® from the employee’s start date, end date or salary change date along with their weekly working pattern. Let’s begin our trip Simon Templar starts a new job on 2022-11-17 at an annual salary of 24,000. His working pattern is Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The Salary … Read more