We make connections

paiyroll® integrates with many third-parties to bring you instant payroll.

Imagine all your data automatically transferred into payroll at the touch of a button.

That’s what integration with paiyroll® achieves.

Finally, PeopleHR can now drive paiyroll®.

✅ HR data is collected automatically by API
✅ Data is validated before being uploaded
✅ Import data in any format
✅ Starters are automatically added
✅ Changes to leavers are simple
✅ Offers template employees
✅ Automatically adds new departments
✅ Synchronises salary, non-salary, and non-cash benefits data
✅ Synchronises holiday data
✅ Excludes employees based on contract type
✅ Offers a choice between automatic and manual pay runs
✅ Allows editing of unavailable fields in PeopleHR
✅ Allows for a dry run
✅ Supports multiple companies


Automatically update all employee fields. This includes leaver dates.

Template employees

Set up template employees that automatically adds standard pay items when adding new employees.


New departments in PeopleHR are automatically created in paiyroll®.


Automatically makes the corresponding change when you change a salary. Additionally, payroll® automatically calculates all in-period, future, or backdated salary pay changes.


We use the People HR API (Application Programming Interface) to collect all your HR data automatically.


Automatically checks every data field before adding it, flagging errors early to provide maximum time for corrections, such as mistyped bank details or incorrect NI numbers.


Imports are a breeze as you can add all Salary, Non-Salary Holiday and Benefit Pay Items after migrating.

New employees

Automatically adds new starters with all necessary details. We can also auto-number works_id if needed.

Holiday booking

New, changed and deleted holidays are all transferred into paiyroll®.

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This means that when you set a leaver, the holiday scheme can be configured to automatically pay out or withhold any holiday balance or even at holiday year-end.


Exclude employees based on contract type.

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e.g. Approvers, Board members or Test employees who may not be on the payroll. We Also automatically exclude future starters that may only be partially defined e.g. missing date of birth, as well as historical leavers who were never imported.

Automatic or manual

The integration is designed to be run as often as required, manually or automatically during the payroll cycle. Payroll changes are completed in minutes.

Unavailable fields

Unavailable PeopleHR fields like P45, Director, Irregularly paid, Off-Payroll Worker (OPW), and Employee A/B/C statement use a default when adding new employees. These can then be edited in paiyroll® and will not be over-written on the next update.

Dry runs

Test the integration and view a full report before running.


Supports multiple companies in PeopleHR linked to multiple PAYE references in paiyroll®. You can also filter specific companies.