ai Automation: Holiday Pay

Never calculate holiday pay ever again.

Unlike most other payroll systems, paiyroll® automatically calculates holiday pay.
We use 12.07% rolled-up holiday pay (RHP), required by law, bringing you instant holiday pay.

Our unique weekly history runs alongside any payroll frequency (monthly, fortnightly, 4-Weekly).
Perfect even for zero-hours workers.

See how it works in 3 simple simple steps:

➡️Employees enter holiday requests.
➡️Managers approve/reject the holiday.
➡️Once approved, view live holiday pay.

1. Employees enter holiday requests

➡️ Employees submit holiday requests via the paiyroll® app.*

✅ Holiday pay estimate is shown before and after booking.
✅Accrued holidays and holidays taken are also shown.
✅Any device or browser can be used and no software is required.
✅Alternatively, bookings can be automatically collected or uploaded from your HR or Time-tracking system.

*Including other time off work, which the manager can also submit (sick days, bereavement, maternity/paternity. etc.)

Worker holiday request

2. Managers approve/ reject the holiday

➡️ Managers are notified of any requests in My tasks.

✅All holiday information is visible.
✅Managers can approve or deny holiday requests.
✅Managers can add a reason if not approved, and sent back to the worker for resubmission.

Manager holiday approval

3. View live holiday pay

➡️ Immediately upon approval, holiday pay is automatically added to the payroll.

✅The software automatically calculates holiday pay in the next pay run according to the rules.
✅ Workers can view their Live payslip anytime 24×7 to see holiday pay and all related deductions.
✅The statutory weekly and daily pay is recorded.

Holiday pay on Live payslip
More details on holiday pay features
  1. Allows the definition of a week to be customised e.g. Saturday to Sunday or the normal day of the week for weekly pay schedules
  2. Records every payment made by date to be able to perform the required weekly calculations looking back 104 weeks to find 52 paid weeks
  3. The software can import 104 weeks of historical pay data – critical otherwise it would require 2-years to accumulate enough data to be compliant
  4. Supports fixed, variable and no fixed hours (zero-hours contracts) working patterns
  5. Import data from existing payroll, HR, CRM or ERP systems
  6. The software allows you to specify only the Pay Items that need to be included in the holiday pay calculation
  7. If you pay monthly, 2 or 4-weekly, the software can record weekly data
  8. Generates records and reports for each holiday booking on each pay run
  9. Support both accrual and entitlement methods
  10. Unlimited number of holiday schemes for different types of workers
  11. The holiday reset date can be company defined or based on the worker’s anniversary date per the scheme
  12. Bookable days (which days count as booked holidays) per week can be specified per the scheme
  13. Holiday buy, sell and carry limits can be defined per the scheme
  14. The payout can be configured by the scheme on Leaving, at holiday year-end or not

Holiday Pay Companion

Plugs and play alongside your existing payroll software, in the cloud, for completely automated holiday pay.

Holiday Pay Compliance Check

Unsure if your holiday pay calculations are compliant? Get in touch for a free compliance check.

Holiday Pay

Not ready for automated holiday pay? Download our Excel template to manually calculate holiday pay.

Holiday Pay
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