Built-in timesheets drive instant payroll

Every starter, leaver, shift, salary change, bonus, and commission…
Every holiday pay, statutory pay, and every tax contribution.

Timesheets are built right into paiyroll® – the most efficient way to collect any timesheet data for payroll with unlimited rates. Available on mobile, tablet and desktop for any pay period (e.g. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

The timesheet functionality in the paiyroll® app means employees can enter timesheets directly and managers can approve any time, anywhere. Once approved, the payroll is instantly ready!


Creates timesheets in real-time on the paiyroll® App (including work, holiday, and sick days) which are then routed to managers for approval.


Approve/reject time and can create timesheets on behalf of their employees and enter sick days. Once approved, live payslips are ready to view.


Handles set up of payroll software so it can calculate pay according to each employment contract and jurisdiction.

The advanced functionality of our timesheets offers unparalleled flexibility through the use of unlimited timesheet schemes which can be configured as daily, weekly, or hourly.

Schemes can be configured as either time-based or piece-based:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Hourly

Each scheme can then further specify the period of each timesheet:

  • One Week
  • 2-Weeks
  • 4-Weeks
  • One Month

For example, a monthly worker can be asked to complete a single monthly timesheet or 4/5 separate weekly timeheets.

Overtime rates can be set on each scheme by entering the times for different rates of pay with multipliers:

  • Normal
  • Weekend
  • Holiday

The granularity of time entered on each timesheet can be in any interval:

For example, you can ask workers to enter start and end times to the minute or alternatively to the nearest 15 minutes.

Compliance with the National Minimum Wage is automated on each pay run. All you need to do is enter:

  • Hours per day in the worker’s contract for Daily time-based schemes
  • Hours per week in the worker’s contract for Weekly time-based schemes
  • Benchmark average rate of pieces completed per hour for Piece rates (fair rate)

For more, see Minimum wage for different types of work: Overview – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)