Payroll time-sheets

Automated payroll time-sheet

paiyroll® includes built-in time-sheet functionality.

Use cases

There are two use cases:

  • Workers can create time-sheets which are then routed to managers for approval
  • Managers create time-sheets on behalf of their workers

The layout is fully responsive and works on mobile or desktop. Importantly, real-time display of pay is available against each period of work, and also for the total time-sheet. Once the time-sheet is submitted and approved, the pay amount is included in the related payslip for the worker with no further intervention required.


To cover all types of rates, three variants of time-sheets exist to accommodate workers with the following rates:

  1. Hourly
  2. Daily
  3. Weekly

Work period specification

The actual entry for each work period is specified as:

  • Work
  • Holiday
  • Sick

Hourly, Daily Weekly payroll time-sheets

Hourly Time-sheet (mobile)

Enter Hourly Time-sheet (mobile)

Daily Time-sheet (mobile)

Daily Time-sheet (mobile)

Weekly Time-sheet (mobile)

Weekly Time-sheet (mobile)