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Holiday Pay
For any employer
/per month (/pm)
  • ✅Includes 150 holiday payslips/pm
  • ✅Extra holiday payslips 30p each
  • ✅Plug into existing payroll software
  • ✅All holiday schemes supported
  • See below for further pack details
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Employer /
For employers or staffing agencies
/per month (/pm)
  • ✅Includes 50 employees
  • ✅All pay frequencies (inc. daily pay)
  • ✅Only pay for the actual number of payslips for each employee/pm
  • Optional: HR/ T&A API Integrations
    (50p per employee)
  • See below for further pack details
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Bureau /
For payroll bureaus and accountants
/per month (/pm)
  • ✅Includes 100 client companies
    (≤50 employees each)
  • ✅Unlimited payroll administrators
  • ✅Additional client companies are £1
  • Optional: HR/ T&A API/SFTP
    Integrations (50p per employee/pm)
  • See below for further pack details
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  • All pricing excluding VAT
  • Pay monthly. No annual commitments or fees.
  • Fees stop for leavers in the month after leaving.
  • You receive an e-mail invoice on the 1st day of the following month detailing usage.
  • Setup can be done by you (free) or by us for a one-off fee: the fee is £9 per employee (subject to a minimum of 50 employees ie. £450) for one company.
  • We can also provide configuration, consulting, training and data import services if required PoA.
Holiday Pay Companion Pack details and cost estimator
  • This software is intended to work alongside your existing payroll for holiday pay. Payroll is not included.
  • Holiday schemes supported:
     Irregular hours workers (no fixed hours)
     Variable (commission, overtime etc.)
     Salaried (fixed hours) holidays and pro-rata
  • For Northern Ireland, the 12-week reference period can be specified

Cost estimator

Employer / Agency Pack details and cost estimator
  • You pay for the actual number of payslips for each employee in a month (Base fee: 15p; 1st payslip in a month: +£1.35; Extra payslips in a month: +15p each)

    For staffing agencies:
  • 15p for every employee on the platform, even if they are not paid that month.
  • The 1st monthly payslip is £1.35, extra weekly payslips are 15p. e.g. if you pay a worker twice a month it is 1.35 + 15p.
  • Weekly paid might receive up to 4 extra payslips. Daily paid receive up to 30 extra payslips.

Cost estimator

Bureau / Accountant Pack details and cost estimator
  • Each unique employer PAYE reference is one client
  • Limited to single bureau HMRC credentials across all client companies
  • We recommend our setup service for your 1st client – this includes import, configuration and full training. You will then be equipped to complete the rest.

Cost estimator