Fee estimate

Here is our quick and simple fee estimate :

£1.50 per employee

46p per payslip

Fee detail

Here is how fees are actually worked out in detail:

per month per employee

the base fee for all employees


per month per employee

first payslip in the month


per additional payslip

extra weekly or daily payslips in the month

  • Monthly fee and no annual commitment
  • Monthly paid employees have only one payslip per month and the fee is, therefore, £1.50 per employee per month
  • If you pay more frequently e.g. Weekly, 2-Weekly or Daily then you pay an additional 15p per payslip after the first payslip
  • Weekly payroll works out at 46p per payslip if you pay your employees every week as there is an extra 15p per payslip for each employee’s additional payslip after the first of a month.
  • Some zero-hour workers do not get paid every week, so for example, if you paid weekly employees twice a month, the first payslip is £1.50 and the second payslip is an additional 15p making the total £1.65 per month.
  • The 15p base fee covers payslip access, yearly P60, and P45s for workers who may not get paid in a month e.g. zero-hours workers, etc. Once an employee becomes a leaver and receives no further payslips, there is no fee. You pay this fee for each employee who is not a leaver
  • Fees stop for leavers in the month after leaving
  • You receive an e-mail invoice on the 1st day of each month detailing usage
  • Payment is taken via direct debit on the 7th day of the next month.
  • Pricing excludes VAT and the minimum fee per company is £75 PCM

One fee – all features included

  • Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA)
  • Cloud Payroll
  • Automatic Enrolment
  • Data Import
  • Employee app with My details, Live payslip, My documents, My tasks, Pay query and Knowledgebase.
  • Notifications for prompting employees by E-mail and SMS for input.
  • Payroll Debbie for automated scheduled Pay Item edits and automated scheduled data feeds.
  • My Analytics for advanced Excel/LibreOffice data analysis.
  • Holiday pay and holiday booking
  • Timesheets/Shift data-feeds
  • On-demand pay Pay me now

Optional Setup Fee

Setup can be done by you (free) or by us for a one-off fee. The fee is £9 per employee.

We can also provide configuration, consulting and data import services if required.

Payroll software

Reduce time by 75%

Outsource payroll

Half the cost

Payroll bureau

2x your margin

Total cost including labour

The work required to operate traditional payroll, or prepare data for the outsourcer is rarely considered. When researching costs, always consider the cost of labour required to get the full picture:

Use the calculator below to compare the total per annum (pa) cost including labour – it’s a lot higher than you might think!: