Daily pay attracts, engages and retains talent

When offered daily pay, job candidates are almost twice as likely to apply and 41% less likely to leave1. paiyroll® can deliver daily or on-demand pay along with weekly and monthly cycles.  

Live Payslips are available to every employee from day 1. Accessing the app gives early, interactive visibility and empowers workers to be fully engaged with every element of their pay and benefits. Pay me now allows them to request early access to pay earned.

Pay me now

Half the cost of other payroll services

Automation allows us to offer an online service at a fraction of what you pay today. Stop paying £5+ per payslip , and start paying £1.50. Your organisation saves time/money because there’s no repetitive admin, data entry or ‘robotic’ work to do.

Live payroll means no more errors

Like every app on their mobile, workers simply access paiyroll® to check pay and enter or view their data such as timesheets or absences. HR, Finance or Operations also access the app to upload items such as bonus or commission spreadsheets. All changes are reflected instantly giving every worker and manager a ‘live’ real-time 24×7 view into payroll. Now there is nothing stopping you achieving 100% payroll accuracy by pay-day while reducing employees questions.


Forget the stressful, immovable pay-day deadline. Your online payroll is ready from day one, and incrementally updated with every edit. It’s instantly ready, visible to all and this means no chance of missing pay-day.

So what makes paiyroll® different?

Founded by a team of engineers with a simple vision that pay could be automated as an online payroll service with Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA), paiyroll® is unlike existing systems:

Existing payroll is…RPA paiyroll® is…
Desktop payroll softwareAn online payroll service
Outsourced or back-officeOn workers mobile
Manually operatedRobotic Payroll automation
Batch processed, monthlyOn-demand live, any-day
Designed for an expert payroll operatorDesigned for every worker in the enterprise

Payroll for every worker

Finally, a pay app designed to engage everyone in the enterprise – employees, managers, operations, HR and finance

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