Holiday Pay 2024

Payroll expert Mark will dive into the 2024 guidance on holiday pay for irregular-hour workers vs all other workers.

Holiday pay
Holiday Pay Companion

Simply add-on to your existing payroll software for instant, automated, holiday pay calculations.

Holiday pay
Duplicate PayID
Duplicate PayID Correction Service

No more calls to HMRC and no more waiting. We fix your RTI PayID duplicates with corrective FPS to zero any duplicate employment records.

Duplicate PayID
Construction Industry Scheme

Now available! Seamless support for contractors and subcontractors in the construction sector.

NMW bday
Automated National Minimum Wage

Employee birthday’s are now automatically used to calculate NMW for every pay run.

NMW bday
Free trial
Free trial

Payroll is completely automated with paiyroll®, saving you valuable time and money. Holiday pay, pro-rata salary, statutory pay and everything inbetween – we’ve got you covered.

Free trial
Free audit
Holiday Pay Compliance Check

Check if your holiday pay calculations are compliant with UK law. If left unchecked, your business could be at risk of being fined and forced to pay eye-watering sums of backdated pay.

Free audit
Automated payroll made simple.

Cloud-based payroll software for instant payroll

Perfect for: Employers. Bureaus. Staffing agencies.
Even if you’ve never done payroll before.
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Zero Minute Payroll

With an automated payroll system, payroll is now completely instant.

From handling new starter forms and leavers payslips to managing tax codes, National Insurance, holiday pay and over 80 other payroll tasks, paiyroll® automates your entire payroll process for instant payroll. Once set up, you can effortlessly run payroll in as little as, zero-minutes! We made the impossible, possible.

Not ready to switch payroll yet?
Simply use our payroll supplements with your existing payroll software!

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Automated Holiday Pay

Holiday pay is now quick and compliant.

Businesses and bureaus struggle with calculating holiday pay because it is complicated and time consuming. What if you could ditch the calculator and automate holiday pay? paiyroll® instantly calculates holiday pay so you can skip the headache and go straight to compliant holiday pay. For salaried fixed-hours workers, variable earners (commission, overtime, etc.), and irregular-hour workers.

Not ready to switch payroll? Add the holiday pay companion to your existing payroll system for instant automated holiday pay.

Automated Pro-Rata Salary

Effortless. Seamless.
Salary-pro rata is now automated.

Stop manually dividing by 365 or 260! paiyroll® automatically calculates pro-rata salary without any extra information from start, leave, salary change dates, backpay and absences. Select from 4 pro-rata schemes: annual 365, annual 260 working, monthly calendar or monthly working days. Full time or part time. Hourly and daily overtime are also derived from salary.

Live payslip
Live payslip

Continuous Calculation Brings You Live Payroll

Zero errors. Zero stress. Pure Magic.
Payroll is ready from day 1.

No more week-end or month-end stress! paiyroll® is the first payroll system to bring you automatically generated payroll using real-time information, so your payroll is ready on Monday or 1st day of the month. Payroll changes dynamically as you add or change new pay and can be viewed via the App, any time, anywhere on any device.

Turn Employee Shift Data into Payroll, Instantly

Unlimited pay rates, data fields, and uploads, for complete control of payroll.

Import your employee shift data spreadsheet from your Time and Attendance system and upload into paiyroll® and we’ll convert it into Live Payslips instantly. With unlimited number of pay rates and data fields (employee details) payslips are fully customisable. Review and make changes to your data and re-upload your spreadsheet as many times as you need before pay day.

Import Data In Any Spreadsheet Format

Any spreadsheet. Any format.

Need to upload additional employee units (e.g. overtime, bonuses commissions or even deductions)? We have built a clever system that can read any spreadsheet format and automatically calculates pay. So no more wasting time manually formatting your spreadsheets to upload your data.

Your data is converted to payroll instantly. Simply upload your spreadsheet in any format and we’ll do the rest. There is no charge and you’ll thank us for never having to edit a spreadsheet again.

Integrates With Any HR or Time & Attendance System

Data transfer is now automated.

Yes, that’s right, it doesn’t matter what HR or Time and Attendance system you or your client are using, you can integrate directly with paiyroll®. That means all employee data or pay elements are loaded and converted to payroll at the touch of a button. This will save you hours.

Save Money and Bring Payroll In-House

Even if you’ve never done payroll before.

You might have chosen to outsource payroll for peace of mind, but what if we told you that you can still have that same peace of mind with in-house payroll? The paiyroll®software takes care of the entire payroll process for you. All you have to do is upload your HR or time and attendance data and payroll is done instantly. That’s because we use AI to automatically calculate pay. We’ll help you get set up too so you can run payroll in minutes without any payroll experience!

Director-Only Payroll Is A Breeze

No more payroll checklists. Sit back and relax, and let paiyroll® do the rest.

If you have multiple director-only clients you will know that it can take hours to complete payroll for them all. But what if we told you all of your director-only payroll can be done instantly?

From generating tax codes to sending FPS/EPS straight to HMRC, and even preparing and distributing the reports directly to your clients – it’s all automated by paiyroll®so payroll is done in just zero minutes, for an unlimited number of clients! 

Always GDPR Compliant

Auto-generated payslips are online and protected.

Due to GDPR compliance, banks and financial institutions would never email your statement to you, instead you use a secure log in to access your statements using self-service. paiyroll® is the same: payslips, P60s and P45s are generated automatically by employee self-service which means you’re always 100% GDPR-compliant.

Our software runs in the cloud accessible from anywhere, on any device and for any number of users, clients, and employees. Imagine never having to generate or email a payslip ever again.

Daily Pay Option

Fully compliant. Fully automated.

We have several clients employing hundreds/ thousands of employees who run our system every day in minutes: daily RTI full payment submissions, daily bank file and payslips.

paiyroll® is the only system that calculates PAYE, NI debt orders pension, and re-calculates every pay run to be fully compliant. We’re not suggesting you move daily unless you want to, but just imagine how automated the system is.

Automated Statutory and Occupational Pay

Sick, Maternity and Paternity pay is now automated.

We automatically work out the Statutory pay and any additional company scheme pay-out for any number of schemes. All we need is a start date, end date and scheme – hey presto, it’s all done.

Same-Day Migration Service

Seamless migration. 1-Click import.

With 1-click import for year-to-date figures and auto-enrollment, switching to paiyroll® couldn’t be easier. In fact, you can migrate to our system in just one day.

Automation Saves Your Business Time and Money

By automating the entire payroll system, our customers have saved 75% of their time and reduced costs by 50%. See how you can do the same by watching our 3 minute video.

Our Guarantee

Risk-free. No Commitments.

We believe in satisfaction first, that’s why we’re offering new customers a free trial. No contracts. No upfront costs. No commitments so you pay nothing until you are 100% satisfied and decide to switch.

Once you are satisfied, it’s just a straightforward monthly fee.

Great product and great company
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Great product and great company. Would 100% recommend as makes payroll so much easier. Support is second to none

So easy to use and we can run payroll…
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So easy to use and we can run payroll from anywhere in the world!

Delighted with Paiyroll….
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Paiyroll were extremely helpful and sympathetic to our particular business requirement. They helped implement a a complex payroll system in an short timeframe, and we are delighted with the user experience from this product. Thank you Paiyroll

Great payroll company
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Great payroll company – easy access and user friendly 👌 😊

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Sandra Cooper

Excellent, easy to use and the customer service is excellent Nothing is ever to much trouble Highly Recommend

Easy to access
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Easy to access, thank you.

New to paiyroll software
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New to paiyroll software, their product, support and patience have been fantastic.

Mark he is always ready and willing to support
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Whenever I call Mark he is always ready and willing to help and support. Any changes we need are always acted on promptly. He has fantastic knowledge of the product and his passion for it shines through.