Finally, someone automated payroll and everyone loves it

No more manual entry. Our cloud payroll workflow reaches out to your ERP, HR or Time & Attendance system to load daily data for new, changed or departing workers and their pay. We can load CSV spreadsheets directly, via API, or any network location (e.g. SFTP HTTPS URL).

Continuous calculation (live pay) means that payroll is automatically ready the moment your data is uploaded.

Live payslip

Any number of users can access paiyroll® from any device and browser; no software, updates, or backup is required

Employees love the app and how they can check Live payslip at any time before payday – means fewer errors and higher engagement

Optional Pay me now allows workers to draw earned pay at any time; automated submission to HMRC means zero compliance risk

Real-time continuous payroll supports daily pay

Employees book Time off and enter Timesheets; once approved by managers, these are automatically included in payroll and fully compliant with the new 52-week holiday law

My tasks prompt workers via e-mail and SMS to enter starter declarations

Workers use self-service to automatically generate payslips, P60s, and P45s in My documents – GDPR compliant and no more insecure e-mails

My details allow self-service updates of email, phone, address, bank, NI number

Questions can be answered in the KnowledgebasePay query automatically compares any 2 payslips

One button approval automatically submits payroll to HMRC, pension, and online bookkeeping

Payroll Debbie, our automated assistant, collects HMRC tax codes and pension opt-outs for you

Automation = £1.50 per employee per month and 65-75% reduction in time

We call this Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA). If you hate payroll, everyone will love paiyroll®

Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA)

2 min paiyroll® overview

Automated Holiday Pay

Holiday pay

Workers enter holiday requests for approval

Alternatively, can be automatically collected or uploaded from your HR or Time tracking system

Holiday pay is automatically calculated in payroll

The law on holiday pay changed on 6-Apr-20

Unlike most other systems, paiyroll® uses the new 52-week holiday pay reference period

Fully compliant

Fully compliant Automatic Enrolment

Automatically assess and enrol workers every pay run

Automatically e-mail pension letters

Full control each item of pay for Qualifying earnings

Industry-leading implementation of both Tax and Calendar PRPs to ensure compliance

Postponement of duties for starters, eligible jobholders and duties start

Unlimited schemes

API integration or file based output

Pay on-demand

Pay me now

You can choose to add pay on-demand to any worker

Available pay is limited to earned pay each day

Set limits on how often & how much can be requested

HMRC compliance every on-demand pay run

Works alongside weekly and monthly cycles

When offered pay on demand, job candidates are almost twice as likely to apply and 41% less likely to leave

The future of pay

Payroll automation = Realtime Analytics

Realtime 24×7 view into payroll before pay day, not after

Direct integration with Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice

My analytics lets you perform pivot table analysis and create pivot charts in a few clicks

What makes our online (cloud) RPA Robotic Payroll Automation service different?

Founded by a team of engineers with a simple vision: Pay could be automated as an online payroll service in the cloud with Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA). paiyroll® is unlike existing systems:

Existing payroll isRPA paiyroll® is
Desktop payroll softwareA cloud online payroll service
Single userMulti-user
Manual data entry, report generation, and distributionAutomated data collection and Self-service
Outsourced or back officeOn workers mobile
Manually operatedRobotic Payroll Automation (RPA)
Batch processed, monthly/weeklyLive, On demand, 24×7
Designed for expert payroll operatorsDesigned for every worker in the enterprise
An islandConnected to any source of data

One-click pay run approval

Approve payroll button

Approve a pay run with one touch

Every report, payslip, P60 and P45 is then available via self-service

HMRC and pension updates via API or file

Backend system integrations (Finance, ERP, HR)

Advanced BPMN workflow with error-recovery

Never generate or distribute anything again, ever

In-house payroll automation

Fully featured cloud (SaaS) online payroll automation reduces time by 75%

  • Unlimited companies, departments, pay types, schemes, reports and realtime analytics
  • Multi user means data entry by every manager or worker and any number of admins
  • Automated switching service
  • Access from any web browser on any device. No software to install, update or backup.

Live payslip on every worker’s mobile from day 1 means zero errors

Self service means never having to create or distribute reports and payslips

Pay on demand attracts and retains twice the talent

Stress free online payroll automation service

  • Trade month-end stress for live payroll updates with every edit. Live payroll = zero errors
  • Because it’s visible to all, this means no chance of missing pay day

Mobile access

  • Workers access paiyroll® to check pay and enter time sheets or absences
  • HR, Finance or Operations upload items such as bonus or commission work sheets
  • All changes appear instantly giving every worker and manager a ‘live’ 24×7 view into payroll
  • There is nothing stopping you achieving 100% payroll accuracy by pay day while reducing employee questions

Payroll for everyone

Finally, a pay app designed to engage everyone in the enterprise

Used directly by employees, managers, operations, HR and finance

E.g. HR upload salary changes, Finance upload commissions

Integrated with HR, Finance and ERP systems

cloud payroll
cloud payroll

Bureau online payroll automation service

Automated online payroll in the cloud

Fully featured payroll means unlimited companies, employees, departments, pay types, schemes, reports and users

Clients enter starters, leavers and changes online

Feedback to client employees immediately

Every client employee gets access to the app

Payroll API to HMRC, Pension, HR, Finance, ERP, T&A systems and banks

Live payroll on every worker’s mobile from day 1 means zero errors, no stress and realtime analytics

Self service means never having to create or distribute reports and payslips

Multi user means data entry by any client manager, admin and worker

Custom payslips

Bureau or client approves payroll

Reduce bureau time by 75%, 2x your margin

Bureau online payroll automation service
online payroll automation administrator
Admin view

Payroll used to require 81 processes…

Manual payroll processes

..paiyroll® automation can reduce that to 5

Automated payroll processes

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