Today’s back-office payroll is complex and batch processed by human operators.

We automate payroll with software robots and deliver an on-demand service via a simple mobile app designed for every worker in the enterprise.

It’s half the cost, stress-free and errors can be eliminated.


paiyroll®  was founded by a team of engineers with a simple vision that payroll could be automated with Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA). Designed from the ground-up, paiyroll® is unlike any of today’s systems:

Today’s payroll is: paiyroll® is:
Manually operated Automated with software robots (RPA)
Consigned to the back-office or outsourced On workers mobile/desktop as a cloud service
Batch processed, monthly or weekly On-demand in real-time, anyday
Designed for an expert operator Designed for everyone in the enterprise

Forget everything you know about payroll.


Reduce costs by more than half

Automating every aspect of payroll allows us to offer the service at a fraction of what you pay today. Stop paying £100 pa per worker (admin + £5–10 per payslip) , and start paying £1.50Your organisation saves time/money because there’s no repetitive admin, data entry or ‘robotic’ work to do.

No more errors

Because on-demand payroll provides a real-time live 24×7 view into payroll for everyone, there is nothing stopping you achieving 100% payroll accuracy.


Forget the stressfull immovable pay-day deadline. Your payroll is ready from day one, and incrementally updated with every edit. It’s always ready, visible to all and this means no chance of missing pay-day.

Simple enough for everyone to use

Like every app on their mobile (banking, shopping, transport), your workers simply access paiyroll® to enter data, or check their pay.

Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA) white paper