Self-service paiyroll® app

Mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Payroll is at your fingertips!
For employees, managers, finance directors, payroll officers and bureaus.

The self-service paiyroll® app is available for everyone across a business so everyone can be involved in payroll. We believe everyone has a role to play, from employees entering data, to their managers approving/rejecting them, while finance directors and payroll officers have full visibility and control.

Available on PC, Mac, tablet and mobile, so you can do payroll on the go! Anytime, anywhere.

Employees and their managers can:

✅Enter and approve/reject timesheets
✅Request and approve/reject holiday submissions and sickness
✅View and download payslips
✅Compare two payslips
✅Check and edit personal details

Payroll administrators and finance directors can:

Manage starters, leavers and pay changes
Set up schemes (e.g. statutory pay, salary pro-rata)
Conduct and manage regular pay runs
✅View analytics
✅Download reports

✅Make company documents visible to clients
✅Share auto-generated Excel template for client input
✅Manage starters, leavers and pay changes
✅Set up schemes (e.g. statutory pay, salary pro-rata)
✅Conduct and manage regular pay runs
✅View analytics
✅Download reports and share with clients

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With live payroll, businesses have access to real-time insights and data accessibility like never before.

Live payroll revolutionises the payroll process, offering instant access to data and insights that empower businesses to make informed decisions and streamline their operations.

Instant Payroll Processing:

  • Traditional payroll has been a batch process, often completed monthly and only available at the end of the pay cycle.
  • Today’s cloud-based systems, however, offer constant accessibility, akin to tracking a delivery online.
  • Live payroll ensures that payroll is ready from the beginning of the cycle, allowing workers to access their expected payslip instantly via mobile apps.
  • With live payroll, the system completes an entire pay run in seconds, updating in real-time with every new piece of data, whether it’s commission, bonus, or changes in employment status.

Real-Time Analytics:

  • Live payroll also means that data is always accessible, offering real-time insights into payroll expenditure and trends.
  • Leveraging familiar tools like Microsoft Excel, users can generate pivot tables and charts with just a few clicks, providing dynamic insights anytime, anywhere.
  • This access to real-time analytics represents a paradigm shift, offering an unprecedented level of visibility and control impossible with traditional payroll systems.

With the self-service app, everyone has a say in payroll, accessible from any device, anywhere, any time.

Self-serve payroll streamlines processes, increases efficiency, and empowers employees to manage their own information, marking a significant shift from manual to automated payroll management.

In the past, traditional payroll software required a payroll manager to collect and input data like timesheets, holidays, and starter forms, as well as manage output reports and payslips. Just as utility suppliers relied on meter readings and data entry to create bills.

Automating the Process:

  • Utility companies have automated meter readings, allowing consumers to submit readings via email, SMS, or smart meters.
  • Consumers can then generate their own bills within seconds through self-service accounts, eliminating the need for manual intervention.
  • The limitation of traditional desktop software lies in the one-user-one-screen model, hindering efficiency and scalability.

Transition to Cloud Payroll:

  • Cloud payroll solutions empower employees to enter their own data directly into the system.
  • Employees can input timesheets, absences, and personal information, as well as generate payslips and tax forms on-demand.
  • Cloud technology enables seamless data sharing and accessibility, mirroring the self-service experience we’re accustomed to with online apps.