ai Automation: Payslip Creation and Management

Never create, email, or upload a payslip ever again.

Payslips (incl. P45s and P60s) are instantly created by paiyroll® after every pay run. This is made possible by the continuous calculation capability of our paiyroll® software. Feed it data (via API or spreadsheet) and it’ll auto-generate live payslips, which workers can view and download. That means you never have to create a payslip, email payslips to workers or upload them to HR portals.

✅ Payslips (incl. P45s and P60s) are auto-generated
✅ Workers can instantly view and download payslips from the paiyroll® app
✅ Workers can compare two payslips in the paiyroll® app
✅ By using SSO, payslips on the paiyroll® app are GDPR-compliant

Customising your payslips by adding extra pay details allows employees to check their pay – an essential for any shift worker.

With live payslips, employees can check pay in real-time and flag any errors in their shifts to the payroll administrator before payday.

Payslips lack detail, causing problems with workers.

Customise your payslips with no effort!

Every hourly shift, rate, date, location, salary, holiday pay and more…

We auto-generate live payslips using your data. We’ll help you get set up to include as much detail as you want when you upload your data, and we instantly itemise every shift with your unique pay details for every employee.

✅Multiple rates
✅Hours worked
✅Description details (e.g. location)
✅Holiday pay
✅Statutory pay
✅Commission, bonus, overtime
… and anything else you want!

We have a range of standard payslip templates that can be easily customised for your requirements. Branded payslips are cost-effective because you aren’t printing payslips on company stationery. It’s easy to add your logo, or even customise messages or graphics which can be changed from time to time.

✅Brand colours
✅Any font size
✅Any graphics
✅Optimised digital, print and PDF formats
…and anything else you want!

Our recommendations
  • Keep up to date with legislative requirements and include hours, rates etc.
  • Consider providing a full GDPR-compliant payslip as well as a short employee-friendly version.

More information

Payslips can also be called pay stub, paystub, pay advice, paycheck stub or wage slip. Some history of payslips here.