Success Stories: CYO Seeds Ltd

Payroll Automation Saves 66% Time in Payroll Processing

CYO Seeds Ltd

CYO Seeds Ltd brought innovation to the seed cleaning market way back in 1975 with Seedmobiles now known as Mobile Seed Processors (MSP). CYO build MPSs for sale in the UK, overseas and for their own use as well as providing design consultancy for MSPs in Europe, Africa, Australia, New Zealand India and Russia.

CYO delivers value by bringing seed cleaning to their customers. They immediately saw how bringing payroll automation to their workers would also deliver benefits. paiyroll® was introduced to the workforce and completely transformed the process of recording hours and tonnage into payroll. This enabled a 66% reduction in overall payroll operating time compared to the previous system.

  • Automated payroll calculations
  • Timesheet system
  • Always-ready live payslips
  • Compliant holiday pay
  • Cloud-based, accessible from anywhere

In 1975 CYO brought seed cleaning to their clients. In 2020 paiyroll® brought payroll to their workers.

Seedmobile aka Mobile Seed Processor (MSP)

“We previously used a desktop payroll package, but it was all manual. Also, our work takes us all over southern England and it’s not unusual to need to access payroll and not be in the office. The idea of an automated cloud solution meant we could operate payroll anywhere and save time”.

– Stuart Gibson

Mobile app collects timesheets in the field

There is no more endless manual data entry for CYO. Employees can enter their time directly into the paiyroll® app and live payslips are ready instantly. Payslips are automatically calculated and are set up by the administrator to calculate by the hour OR “tonnage” – a uniquely customisable feature, which means companies can set any unit of pay.

“Our workers are paid by the hour or by the tonne, and we don’t know beforehand which. Previously, we had to collect stacks of paper time-and piece sheets, which sometimes got lost, had errors or were unreadable. paiyroll® has transformed this – as soon as workers finish their shift at the of the day, they enter hours or tonnage on the paiyroll® mobile app. This gets automatically routed to the manager for approval at the end of the week.”

– Stuart Gibson

Automated data migration made switching completely painless

Implementing a new payroll system requires an intimate understanding of every payment and deduction. Normally data migrations can be a lengthy, error-prone and iterative process, taking months, and necessitating a high level of customer engagement. Our automated data transfer features allows us to offer a service that eliminates a large part of the effort on behalf of the customer, so you can switch in as little a 1 day.

“paiyroll® took the previous 12 months of payroll data and immediately import this automatically. We didn’t have to do anything. The process even identified some auto enrolment technical options we were unaware of.” 

– Stuart Gibson

Mobile app absence recording and automated holiday pay

CYO also had to deal with annual holiday recording and holiday pay at the end of the year. With paiyroll® we were able to add holiday booking and approval directly in the app, as an integral part of the payroll. At holiday year-end, there is no manual calculation to do­ – paiyroll® automatically pays out any unused holiday according to the scheme rules.

“The paiyroll® team produced a spec’ for the holiday functionality and were keen to get my input and feedback. They delivered the software very quickly and it’s a great time-saver.”

– Stuart Gibson

Zero errors and no-stress

Paper timesheets led to errors, delays, a lot of work and stressful end of month payroll. Stuart is very happy with the resulting system and particularly as payroll is ready from day one compared to their previous system. 

Holiday view from pool overlooking Cape Town bay and Robben Island in the distance.

“The system is always ready. Payroll is now a push-button exercise, with zero errors and I can approve it from anywhere – this was the view on my holiday when I pressed the button to approve paiyroll®. It’s also nice that I never have to upgrade the software or make backups as it’s all done for me”. 

– Stuart Gibson

Workers access payroll 24×7 with on-demand payroll errors and no-stress

CYO business means unconventional hours, sometimes starting at 4:00am and finishing late in the evening after 9:00pm. An important aspect was that farm workers could access their pay, anytime and anywhere. As well as entering timesheets, paiyroll® allows the workers to generate their own payslips, P45 and P60s 24×7 using RPA. This means zero effort for Stuart’s team as he never has to generate a pay document.

Live payslip shows approved timesheets instantly and allows everyone to interactively review and check their pay. Pay on-demand pay in paiyroll® is truly a ground-breaking feature and one that doesn’t exist in any other payroll system. 

Some of CYO workers are from the EU, and don’t have English as their first language. It is therefore particularly pleasing that they have had no issue in using the app.

“We love the idea that we can bring payroll to our workers.”

– Stuart Gibson

Result: anytime, anywhere online payroll in 33% of the time

CYO despatches their worker and MSPs across southern England confident that remote workers can record their timesheets on their mobile at the end of the shift. Being tied to an office or normal business hours is a thing of the past.

Since completing a detailed analysis which compares the time taken under the old system vs. RPA paiyroll®, CYO have been able to confirm a 66% improvement in time to process payroll.

“All the data is entered directly meaning no errors and huge time saving. Once a timesheet is approved, the payroll is done, and the worker can see their net pay. Holidays are all automated and I never have to create a payslip or P60. I can’t imagine going back to the old payroll process”.

– Stuart Gibson