Payroll Done Online, Anywhere,
& in 75% Less Time

HR customer
One of the largest providers in workforce solutions

One of the largest providers of workforce solutions, wanted to introduce a new digital staffing service delivering jobs on demand in hospitality, catering, events and retail. A smart app that would bring together jobseekers and businesses in the gig economy.

Specifically they required a payroll solution that would complement their platform in redefining the future of work as well as paying their workers fast.

Payroll automation was implemented in less than a month with the ability to load shift data in seconds. This enabled weekly payroll along with a 75% reduction in overall payroll operating time compared to a traditional approach.

“Payroll automation completely reshaped the way I do payroll. I can upload all my shift data in seconds which reduced my workload around 75%!”

– Customer

A smart app connects workers with gigs

“We decided to take the world of recruitment into the world of the smartphone. Basically the idea was to revolutionise the world of temporary work – through an easy-to-use app that any candidate or business could download. For candidates seeking temporary work, it delivers the ultimate experience in flexibility and convenience: just sign up and search for jobs in their own time, work when they want, and get paid fast. For clients, it allows them to advertise, hire staff, plan shifts, issue contracts and approve timesheets all from the same online platform. Setting the industry example in shaping the future of work.”

Seeking a low-cost streamlined payroll process

The journey with paiyroll® began when the Operations Director started looking for a new payroll platform. They completed a more detailed review to see if the required integration and features were available or could be implemented in short order, before proceeding.

The automation approach is based on addressing the shortcomings of the payroll industry, namely manual operation of desktop software. We believe that payroll should and can be automated.

“Our organisation previously used a traditional outsourced payroll service, but we knew there ought to be something better and cheaper. We reviewed every payroll product available and quickly realised there was one that aligned with our vision”. 

Really fast implementation, really rapid response

Implementing payroll requires an intimate understanding of every payment and deduction. The unique paiyroll® architecture comprising Templates, Definitions and Items together with flexible import enabled direct import of weekly data from the smart app. 

Normally implementations can be a lengthy, error prone and iterative process taking months, and necessitating a high level of customer engagement. Payroll automation allows us to offer a service that eliminates a large part of the effort on behalf of the customer.

“paiyroll® undertook all import and enhancements necessary to represent our payroll needs. Software releases were quick, and any issues were resolved remotely by e-mail, WhatsApp or zoom pretty much immediately.” 

Live payslip, zero errors and no-stress

The provider is very happy with the resulting system and that fact that payroll it is ready from day one compared to their previous system. Live payslip reflects new shift pay instantly and allows everyone interactively review and check their pay. These features enable 100% accuracy.

Payroll is always ready and uploading the entire weekly worker timesheets is now a push-button exercisewith zero errors. Everyone can verify pay before payday”. 

Result: anytime, anywhere online payroll in 25% of the time

Their clients are able to book workers at a time that is convenient for them, using smartphone or laptop, rather than being tied to an office/ normal business hours. Workers now enjoy the same benefits with their payroll.

They now estimate it takes a few mins per worker for payroll which is easily a 75% improvement over the previously manual system.

“We partner with leaders in technology, and paiyroll® is no exception. I travel a lot and hadn’t fully appreciated the power of an on-line payroll system – being able to view and approve payroll from anywhere is super. All reports are all generated by the workers automatically.”

Treating workers with a great online consumer experience

Just like their own digital platform, paiyroll® started from the user experience perspective and asked: “if I was a worker or employee, what would I want and expect?” Everyone has these great online experiences as consumers that so often are not replicated in the world of work. payroll® allows their workers to generate their own payslips, P45 and P60s 24×7 which means zero effort for the Operations Director and their team with everyone loving their new payroll system.

On-demand payroll

The entire platform allows workers to handle their entire staffing experience using their smartphones: creating a profile, picking up shifts, getting paid – all very simple and intuitive activities that can be done anytime and anywhere. Clients were excited to learn about a future release with on-demand pay in paiyroll®. This is truly a ground-breaking feature and one that doesn’t exist in any other payroll system.