Fix your RTI PayID duplicates with paiyroll®:
Duplicate PayID Correction Service

✅ 1-day correction service (no waiting months/years)
✅ Correct all PayID duplicates
✅ No more calls to HMRC
✅ Risk-free guarantee

If you have accidentally created duplicate RTI employment record(s), also known as a PayID, in the HMRC system by:

  1. Changing payroll software and did not correctly send the PayID change information
  2. Re-employed someone and did not change their PayID
  3. Not using Payroll IDs and have changed too many employee details
  4. Sent multiple RTI FPS (Full Payment Submission) files to HMRC
    Or any other way…

We use our software, paiyroll®, and expertise to generate one or more corrective FPS to zero any duplicate employment records. All we need is your FPS with each duplicate PayID and the original correct PayIDs.

After the correction submission is made, the receipts are available and your duplications should be corrected within 24 hours.

Prices start from £450+VAT. We provide a fully guaranteed service – If we don’t resolve the duplicates, you don’t pay anything – as simple as that!


What is a duplicate RTI payID/employment record?

Many payroll professionals end up inadvertently creating duplicate employment records in HMRCs RTI system. Once created, these are impossible to remove and the only way is to contact HMRC. The process can take between 18 months and 2 years to resolve! During this time, the employer’s pay bill and the employee’s Personal Tax Account (PTA) will be incorrect due to duplicate records, therefore it’s important to get duplicates removed.

Why do duplicates happen in the HMRC system?

A feature of the RTI system is multiple employments using explicit PayIDs or implicit PayIDs. If you send a different Pay ID (explicitly or implicitly), the system has been designed from day one to interpret that as a new and different employment. Fine when it is a new employment, a problem when it is a duplicate.

How does your approach work?

RTI has been designed to be a YTD cumulative system. Therefore, corrections can always be made on subsequent FPS submissions. Think about it this way: HMRC designed RTI such that if you make a mistake on your first monthly FPS, you get 11 more opportunities to correct it.

Can I fix duplicates myself?

You can contact HMRC to raise a charge resolution case or request a merge scan, which can involve spending hours on the phone or on webchat with HMRC, with daily interest mounting. In the end, it can take up to 2 years to resolve! A quicker, and more cost effective solution is to try our correction service.

Is a zero-value duplicate OK?

A zero-value duplicate is harmless – importantly the employer’s pay bill and the employee’s PTA will be correct. RTI has been designed to be a YTD system and corrections can always be made on subsequent FPS submissions. That’s why our correction system works!

Why does it take so long for HMRC to fix duplicates?

The problem is that with hundreds of thousands of potential corrections across 33 million employees in the UK, there is insufficient HMRC manpower to fix these and hence why it takes up to 2 years to correct.

Are HMRC likely to address this issue?

There are currently no published plans.


RTI data item guide 2023 to 2024 v1.1