Online SaaS cloud platform requires no software, no hardware, no updates, no backups or any maintenance. Hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services).

All web browsers supported e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge on all hardware device types e.g. mobile, tablet, desktop.

Robotic Payroll Automation (RPA)

Multiple levels of automation including Live payroll, Payroll Debbie, Workflows, Self-service reporting, Prompts, Self-service direct entry, Data feeds and Data collection.

Live Payroll is available from the 1st day of the pay period (month, week) and can be ‘run’ by workers or administrators. Real-time payroll reflects new data instantly and each workers payroll can be run on its own, or together.

Payroll Debbie performs the role of an always-present assistant to the Administrators. She works in the background and performs routineExplicitly defined Workflows, Direct interaction in response to prompts, and Payroll Debbie.

Payroll Debbie Data Feeds, for example, before a given pay run, or at the start/end-of-tax-tear.

Payroll Debbie En-masse or individual changes to Pay Items ahead of a given Pay Run, for example to apply an annual salary review.

Payroll Debbie Sending notifications to Administrators or Employees to prompt them to perform any assigned Tasks.

Payroll Debbie system maintenance.

Holiday workflows used by workers and managers for holiday bookings and approvals.

Sickness and other non-holiday absence workflows used by workers or managers for sickness and other non-holiday absence claims and approvals.

Timesheet workflows used by workers or managers for timesheet submission and approvals.

Pay Run workflows are used administrators to manages Pay Runs associated with a Pay Schedule.

Report submission workflows are used by administrators to manage the execution of reports, such as post-approval Pay Run reports to tax authorities, and Data Feeds.

Self-service reporting allows workers and administrators to generate their own reports on-demand.

Prompts can begin and and on any day within the pay schedule to automatically prompt administrators, employees, mangers to enter missing Pay Item data.

Starter declarations entered directly by workers, along with Self-service available for updates of any worker data.

Data collection of simple values of CSV spreadsheets is automated from humans with E-mail, SMS and Voice Prompts with no manual intervention required.

Data feeds can be initiated to collect data from external agencies, web services, API, SFTP and file locations.

Unlimited Companies, Cost Centres and Departments per Client.

Mobile Timesheets

Worker direct entry of time-sheets.

Manager approval of time-sheets.

Hourly, Daily and Weekly timesheets configurable for any number of days and any number of rates.

Piece-rate timesheets configurable for up top 3 rates.

Automatic inclusion of approved time-sheets in live payroll or pay runs.

Data Feeds

HMRC DPS Data Provisioning Service data feed for all P6, P9 SL and PGL notices.

GB PAYE tax code changer (P9X) Pre-start of tax year processing.

GB Upload workers CSV for adding or updating workers.

Upload shift CSV for importing Shifts.

GB Payroll

Tax codes are automatically worked out from new starter declaration and P45 data at each pay run.

PAYE cumulative or week 1/month1.

NIC category letter automatically worked out at each pay run from age, gender, apprentice, CA2700 and certificate of election.

Directors NIC – cumulate or standard employee.

Student Loan (SL) & Postgraduate Loan (PGL) deductions automatically taken each pay run depending upon earnings.

PAYE Income tax for GB GB-SCT (Scotland) and GB-WLS (Wales) Jurisdictions.

National Insurance Contributions (NIC).

Council Tax Attachment of Earnings (CTAEO).

Magistrates Fines AEO.

Direct Earnings Attachment (DEO).

Child Support Agency (CSA) Deductions of Earnings Order (DEO)

AWE Average Weekly Earnings automatically calculated from previous pay runs for the next pay run.

AEO Amount order.

CTAEO Council tax attachment (CTAEO)

Arrestment (Scotland) AEO.

Magistrates courts fines AEOs.

DWP DEA Direct Earnings Attachment, DWP

CSA DEO Deductions of Earnings, CSA

SSP GB Statutory Sick Pay (SSP).

SMP GB Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP).

SPP GB Statutory Paternity Pay (SPP).

GB Automatic Enrolment (AE)

Postponement configurable as None, Maximum, Next PRP or last PRP for each event types: Duties Start, employment start and eligible job-holder.

Assessment of worker category automatically each pay run as ‘Worker’, ‘Entitled worker’, ‘Non-eligible jobholder’, ‘Eligible jobholder’.

Automatic enrolment each pay run with each worker status being set to ‘Not enrolled’, ‘Deferred’, ‘Auto enrolled’, ‘Opted-out’ or ‘Opted-in’.

Opt-in, Join and Opt-out under admin control or retrieved from pension provider.

Refunds automatically accumulated and returned when opting out.

Staging date automatically retrieved from the Pension Regulator.

NEST, SmartPension, B&CE Peoples pension and PAPDIS support.

Web service, API, Networked and CSV files for enrolment and contributions.

Pay Definitions

Unlimited Pay definitions for a company based upon the following Pay Templates and Schemes.

Pension contribution.


Loan (amount).



Per unit

Hourly Daily and Weekly pay.

Payment with offset Payment with offset

% Bonus

Deduction and Deduction using negative values.

Daily and Weekly piece pay.

Holiday booking

Holiday %.

On-demand pay requests.

Pay Schemes

Unlimited Pay Schemes for the following.

Pension scheme scheme.

OnDemand scheme On-demand schemes specification.

Salary scheme Salary schemes specification

Timesheet scheme Timesheet scheme.

Holiday scheme Holiday scheme.

Sickness scheme Sickness scheme.


Report Templates implemented using different engines depending on the nature of the report. These are: Text files, flat, Text files, general, PDF JasperReports and Networked submissions.

Pre-approval summary report pack comprising a single multi-sheet workbook upon which to approve a pay run.

Timesheets in period

Email, SMS and Voice Prompts to prompt workers to provide payroll data.

Payslips can be fully customised to meet any company, branding requirement.

Worker payment PDF and text file formats

HMRC FPS Full Payment Submission.

HMRC EPS Employer Payment Summary.

BACS bank formats for Barclays and Santander.

P60 Annual tax summary.

P45 Employment end summary.

P32 Period end summary.

NEST CSV Automatic Enrolment (AE) contribution schedule, member enrolment csv format.

NEST API web services contribution and enrolment.

NEST API Automatic Enrolment (AE) web services opt-outs data-feed.

AE SmartPension PAPDIS 1.0 CSV file.

GB People’s Pension full file (csv)

GB People’s Pension API contributions, enrolment and pension opt-outs

Finance Journal Financial rollup of pay runs.

GB Xero invoice Submit payroll invoice.

GB Xero journal Submit payroll journal.

GB Wage analysis report detailing a full National Minimum Wage analysis per payrun.

Custom HTML, CSV, XML can be created using the Jinja system.

Pay Schedules

Frequencies supported are On-demand, Custom, Weekly, 2-Weekly, 4-Weekly, Monthly, 3-Monthly, 6-Monthly and 12-Monthly.

Patterns for pay date and pay period can be separately specified by Weekday for all weekly frequencies.

Patterns for pay date and pay period can be separately specified for all monthly frequencies as Day after month start (1..28), Day before month end (1..27), Weekday after month-start (1st..5th) or Weekday before month-end (1st..5th)

Non-working day schedules can be configured to move to to a previous working day, next working day or run anyway.

US Jurisdiction

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