Adding a Test Employee

Follow these steps to add a test employee from the Admin screen.

  1. Employee setup > Add
  2. Then enter the minimum set of details to add a new employee, for example using a fake or your own email
  3. When adding an employee, this way, you get the option to enter a password, which makes it very easy to log in as the test worker afterwards
  4. Click Update
  5. Important: ensure you go to Employee setup > Update to update the test worker and click the Test Employee check box to make sure this worker does not get paid and click Update:

Now open a new browser, ideally on a different browser or different device e.g. a phone and go to

Enter the username and password entered for the test worker to log in.

If you forget the password, you will need to click on Reset password?, but you will need to make sure the test worker has real email address otherwise you will not be able to reset your password – noting that the username can be different.

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