Adding New Pay Definitions

Before you can add any new pay items to an employee, you need to create the pay definition first in Home > Company Setup > Pay Definitions and click Add...

Select the Company and the Template. There is an extensive list of templates, but usually, you will be selecting the Payment, Deduction or Per unit template.

All you need to do is to change the Name of the template and the Description – noting that the description is what appears on the payslip.

Optionally, you may wish to change the input names as shown below (not necessary in many cases).

You can also use our special formatting in the display as to nicely control, what appears on the payslip:

Click Add

Next go to the to Pay Item editor, select the employee, then select the required Pay Deifntion in the Create Pay Item selector and then click +Create to create the pay item on the employee:

When the pay item has been added to the employee, you can further add or change any values and click update to see the payslip:

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