Changing holiday year

When using the Universal Holiday Pay Template and associated scheme, the holiday year is defined by the scheme’s reset date. When changing the holiday year reset date, care must be taken to account for the overlap:

Old holiday year holiday year overlap

For example, if the old holiday year starts 1st April, and the new holiday year starts 1st January, there will be an overlap of 3 months. paiyroll® has already recorded any bookings made and entitlement earned between the 1st of January and the 1st of April, and when the reset date is changed, they will be counted again, so each affected employee’s Holiday Pay Item must be adjusted to account for this.

To change the holiday year, after the last pay run for the old holiday year, you will need to work out 3 values for each employee:

  1. Any carry-forward days you wish to use from the old to the new holiday year, e.g. 1.
  2. The total number of booked days in the overlap period, e.g. 9.
  3. The total entitlement in the overlap period, e.g. 7.

Once you have these three figures you can produce a Holiday Pay Item upload file where the ‘Migrated Balance` is set to (1) + (2) – (3). With the example figures above:

  • Migrated Balance = 1 day carry forward + 9 days bookings – 7 days entitlement
  • Migrated Balance = 1 + 9 – 7
  • Migrated Balance = 3

Uploading the new Holiday Pay Item file will correctly set paiyroll® up for the new holiday year.

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